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Model: Pherosis

Gear Enchancments[edit | hide | hide all]

Suggested Paladin Rune Tilesets[edit | hide]

Best Armour Affixes[edit | hide]

+% Crit Damage

+% Crit Chance

Best Weapon Affixes[edit | hide]


Charged Strikes

Lightning Forged (if extra add agro is needed)

Bleed (if extra DPS is needed)

Ice Heart (if extra DPS is needed [and you have a frost mage or frost shaman DPS regulary in your party])

The Paladin Super[edit | hide]

The Paladin super is unique in that activation is a two-step process.

  1. When your super bar is full, grip (and hold) both triggers.
    * An orb will spawn on your off-hand (the one without the hammer in it).
  2. To activate the super you press the grip button of your off-hand (the same one that has the orb in it).

Suggested Paladin Talents[edit | hide]

(Level 5) Blessing of Attack[edit | hide]

Increase the buff of your Libram of Power (right book) by 5%.

(Level 10) Libram of Protection[edit | hide]

Your next Libram of Healing (middle book) increases your damage resistance and energy generation by 5% for 4 seconds.

(Level 15) Defensive[edit | hide]

Lay on Hands (your super) gives you a 50% armour buff for 10 seconds.

(Level 20) Hammer of Retribution[edit | hide]

Point you hammer at an enemy and pull the trigger to shoot a bolt of lightning at the target at the cost of two power charges.

(Level 30) Plea of Protection[edit | hide]

Once every 30 seconds, you can place your off-hand (the one with out the hammer in it) down by your side facing outwards to be granted a 25% increase to damage resistance and energy generation for 10 seconds.

KNOWN PLEA BUG: If you select this talent, occasionally Orbus will believe you have selected the other plea (a blue orb) on your hand. Making it so that you can use neither the Plea of Divinity or your Super. (The solve for this is to either temporarily change classes or relog).

Support Paladin Talents[edit | hide]

(Level 5) Blessing of Encouragement[edit | hide]

Your Libram of Blessing (left book) adds an extra 10% strength and intelect.

(Level 10) Libram of Assistance[edit | hide]

Your next Libram of Healing (middle book) will now heal the most injured friendly target within 8m.

(Level 15) Generosity[edit | hide]

Lay on Hands (your super) can now heal other players by touching them when activating it.

  • You must place the orb completley inside them before clicking the grip button or this will not work.

(Level 20) Hammer of Forgivness[edit | hide]

Point you hammer at a friendly player and pull the trigger to heal them at the cost of two power charges.

  • The health is taken from you and transferred to your target.

(Level 30) Plea of Divinty[edit | hide]

Once every 10 minutes, you can cast Plea of Divinity on an ally (to pre-battle-rez them).

  • You cast Plea off Divinity by placing your off hand palm out away from your body (5 to 10 seconds after the golden hand on your hammer is full).
  • Your hammer must be out in order to cast Plea of Divinity (to put the orb on your hand). The orb will never spawn if your hammer is put away.
  • This will be an orb of blue-ish light; you must place the orb completely inside them and then hold the grip button (for a few seconds) or this will not work.
  • If the target dies while blessed by the Plea of Divinity (at any time, within 5 minutes of applying the rez, unless you switch zones) they will resurrect with 20% of their maximum health.
  • You can rez a non-PvP player while in PvP (yourself) with this rez. Only if you are in the same party.
  • You can rez an already dead player (who is in your party), by casting Plea on their corpse and then having them hit the "Go to Graveyard" button on their menu.

NOTE: Once the orb is on your hand you can apply it to a player anytime you wish.

KNOWN PLEA BUG: If your super & plea are on your hand at the same time. Occasionally your super will not work. To fix this you must apply the plea to a player. (This will use up your super, resetting them both).