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| 10-12 || +4
| 10-12 || +4
| 13-15 || +5
| 13-14 || +5
| 15 || +5 (armour or weapon)/+6 (weapon)
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|| +5
|| +5
|| +5
|| +5
|| +5 (or base 30 level legendary transmog from gate defence)
|| +5
| Hard Mode Citadel
| Hard Mode Citadel

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As you play through OrbusVR, you will obtain equipment from a variety of sources (e.g. killing mobs, completing quests, finishing dungeons, or killing raid bosses).

When you obtain equipment, it will always be the correct type for the class you are wearing (at the time of completion).

Class Equipment Types

Class Equipment Types
Type Classes
Plate Paladin and Warrior
Leather Ranger, Scoundrel, and Musketeer
Cloth Bard, Runemage, and Shaman

When you switch weapons, your character switches class to match the weapon.

If your current class does not match the Equipment Type of your equipped gear, then the gear will not bestow any benefits (armor, stats, affixes, etc) and to other players you will apear to have no gear equiped.

Be sure to change your equipment to an appropriate <loadout> that matches your new class!

Equipment Stats

All equipment bestows some beneficial effect when worn. Weapons increase damage while Armor increases your defenses.

Armor Stats

  • Vitality: blue armor (rare) will have a vitality stat which increases your <hit points>.
  • Defense: purple armor (epic) will have a defense stat which increases your ability to mitigate incoming damage.

Weapon Stats

  • Strength: Increases your physical damage attacks. These are non-ability attacks such as basic sword swings, basic arrows, basic Musketeer bullets, etc. Each point of Strength adds .03% damage.
  • Intellect: Increases your magical damage attacks. These are all Runemage spells, Warrior combos, Musketeer orb effects, and Ranger ability arrow effects. Each point of Intellect adds .03% damage.
  • Wisdom: Increases the rate at which your Super ability recharges.
  • Luck: Increases your chance to get loot, and increases your chance to catch fish.

Equipment Modifiers

Each equipment will have one of the following modifiers

  • XP Gain: 1% XP increase to all experience gained.
  • Crit Chance: 1% more of your hits will crit.
  • Crit Damage: You critical strike attack do 2% more damage.
  • Incoming Critical Damage: Reduces critical hit damage received by 1%.

Equipment Pluses

When you earn equipment from dungeons or raids, it will have a +number after the item level. This number increases the stats as though the item were that many item levels higher. The +number is determined by the difficulty of the dungeon or raid.

Dungeon Shard Item Levels
Shard Difficluty Item level
Normal (unsharded) +1
1-3 +1
4-6 +2
7-9 +3
10-12 +4
13-14 +5
15 +5 (armour or weapon)/+6 (weapon)

Raid Item Levels
Raid Type Armour + Weapon + Legendary Weapon +
Normal Guild City +2 +2
Normal Citadel +4 +4 +5
Hard Mode Guild City +5 +5 +5 (or base 30 level legendary transmog from gate defence)
Hard Mode Citadel +6 +6 +7

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