Auction House

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The Auction House provides a way to buy and sell tradable items from and to other players.

You can access the auction house on the second floor of your player house, or at the auctioneer on the lower level of Highsteppe City.

Auction House

Selling Items

To sell items, place them in the seller chest to the right of the auction house chest in your player house.

  • You can list the items for auction and/or for buyout by setting the Buyout price or a minimum starting bid. Leaving either one at 0 will disable that option.
  • The price you set will be for the full stack, not the individual items. If you want to sell smaller amounts, split the stack first.
  • After three days, if the item has not been sold via buyout and has no bids on it, the listing will be removed and the item will go to the auction item chest.

Buying Items

After you found a listing for the item you are looking for, you can either place a bid on the item or buy it immediately, depending on which options the seller enabled for that item listing.

  • If you place a bid on an item, the money will be deducted from your balance immediately. If another player outbids you at any point, you will get a message and the money can be picked up again at the seller chest.
  • If you buy an item via buyout or are the highest-bidding player when the auction timer ends, you can pick up the item at the auction house item chest.

Auction House Fee

All transactions over the auction house have a fee attached to them, which will be split between the buyer and seller.

A buyer will have to pay a small fee in addition to the listed price when placing a bid or buying an item, and when an item is sold, a small amount of dram is also deducted from the money the seller receives.

Auction House Chests

The chests that are used when selling items or picking up items you bought on the auction house are located on the second floor of the player house.

Seller Chest

  • Your items that are on sale on the auction house
  • Dram from selling items on the auction house or at market stalls
  • Returning money from being outbid on an item

Buyer Chest

  • Items bought or won through bidding
  • Leftover market stall stock
  • Your auction house items that didn't sell

Market Stalls

→ Main Page: Market Stalls

On the lower layer of Highsteppe City you can find ten Market Stalls where players can display their stock and sell the items with no auction house fee deducted.

Permits can be bid on on the auction house, and are valid for a month.

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