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The Rock Giant ("Avalanche").

The Rock Giant (also called Avalanche by the community) is a World Boss in OrbusVR, and can be found in Hulthine's Basin on the northernmost island. Unlike the other three world bosses, the Rock Giant can only be fought enraged.

The nearest teleport pillar is Ocean's Edge, and the nearest pillar that can be reached via a runemage's teleport spell is Flying High.


The locations of the eight pillars.

Eight small stone towers are scattered on the island where the Rock Giant sleeps. A pillar will start glowing when a player of the correct class is next to it. To wake up and enrage the Rock Giant, all eight pillars need to be activated by 8 people on different classes.

  • It is possible to have a single player do this, however, if that player dies before other players engage the boss in combat, the boss resets.
  • If you are using multiple players (one on each pillar) and the boss is not forming up, have the players slide off the pillars far enough to make the glow go away, then have them go back again.

Boss Fight

The Rock Giant combines some abilities of all the other world bosses. This power is mirrored in its ring, which can be infused with all the other world boss rings.

  • Normal attacks inflict anti-heal debuffs to the player hit by it, decreasing healing from all sources by 10% for each stack. Swap tanks regularly.
  • Poison Pools: The Rock Giant creates a purple pool where the tank is standing. The pools inflict damage over time to anyone standing inside.
  • Leap: The boss will jump on a random player (except the main aggro holder), dealing lots of damage to them and everyone near them. Damage is shared between all players hit by the attack.
  • Meteor: A homing meteor falls from the sky on a random player. The meteor can be shot down.
  • Life Drain (Move away from the boss)
  • Poison Player: Places a decurse-able DoT on a random player.
  • Minions: The Rock Giant spawns Staf, Scav and Chaos enemies, as well as Skogtrolls, rock-like enemies that can heal other enemies (as well as the boss).


The One ring.
  • Ring: The One (+5 Critical, +25 Vitality, +5 Wisdom, +5 Luck). While the stats of this ring are underwhelming at best, it can combine the powers of all the other world boss rings to become the best ring in the game.
  • Cape: The Boulder
  • Pet: Windup Rock Giant


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