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Battlegrounds is a PvP event where eight players compete for map dominance in a game of Capture the Flag. Every match lasts until a team reaches 1000 points, or until the time limit of 30 minutes runs out.

How it Works

You can join the PvP Battlegrounds queue via the Activities tab. You can queue up alone, or in a party of two.

Upon joining, you will be randomly assigned to either the Gold or Blue team. If you entered as a team, you and your friend will be placed in the same team.

  • Your inventory is cleared of any items except for equipment and your mount. Once the game is over, your items will be returned.
  • Any status effects (like potion buffs) are cleared on entering the instance.
  • All classes will be scaled to level 30+0, including armor and weapons.
  • Higher-level talents are unlocked for the duration of the game. Choose them at the beginning of every match if you haven't reached level 30 yet.
  • Global voice chat is turned on, but you can only hear your teammates.

Capturing Flags

You and your teammates must fight the opposing players to maintain your team's flag on each of the outposts. For each outpost held, your team will score a certain number of points per second and the first team to get 1000 points wins the battle.

An enemy flag can be captured by standing next to it for a while. It will turn white (neutral) first, before changing color to your team's color.

Pillars of colored light indicate the positions of the four flags, and the team currently holding the outpost.

Killing Players

Killing players from the enemy team does not award any points towards the match, but like in Overworld PvP, will give you Honor Points that count towards your PvP rank.

The usual PvP etiquette applies.

Bugs and Glitches

Abusing bugs in PvP is treated as cheating, and can get your account suspended or permanently banned.

Fix at the beginning of the match:

If you notice any of these bugs, or your teammates tell you that you're glitched, close the game and restart it again to fix them before continuing.

  • Your inventory is completely empty, and you can't pull out your mount.
  • You are invisible to other players, or invincible.


  • Not fixing your own invisibility or invincibility
  • Skywalking and teleporting through walls on purpose

Not bannable:

  • Runemage spells lie about their location. Their true position does not need to be where they appear visually.
  • The render distance on Quest is shorter than on PC. Arrows and spells fired from out of Quest render distance are invisible to Quest players.

Other bugs and glitches:

  • You can get stuck in the instance after the game ended. Relogging fixes this.
  • In rare cases, you can get placed in the wrong spot on leaving the instance.
    • Use a teleporter tool, a teleport spell, or use the "Go to Graveyard" option in the menu.
    • If you have Overworld PvP enabled and are stuck far away from a safe zone, you can do one of the following:
      • Enter the dungeon queue and use your teleport tool or a teleport spell after finishing it.
      • Ask the developers to put your character back in bounds.

Further Notes

  • Marlowe's PvP missions stack very well and many can be completed at once.
  • You can queue up in a party of 2. The two of you will be guaranteed to be in the same team, and will be prioritized over single players who queued up.
  • At a certain distance, Quest users only see blue-orbs in place of players and can't tell which team the player belongs to.
  • There are a few Corpse Minions on the map you can kill. These enemies give experience points when killed, and should you level up during the match, you get a Reward Cache, containing potions, which you are otherwise not able to bring into the battle. This is intended by the developers.

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