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Bracers are a type of equipment in OrbusVR. Unlike other equipment, bracers get weaker with time until they completely disappear, and have to be replaced periodically.

Types of Bracers

Icon Name Effect
Bracer of Health Increases health regeneration Level 1: +4 Regeneration
Level 2: +5 Regeneration
Level 3: +6 Regeneration
Bracer of Stamina Increases Stamina Level 1:
Level 2:
Level 3:
Bracer of Wisdom Increases Wisdom Level 1: +150 Wisdom
Level 2: +225 Wisdom
Level 3: +375 Wisdom
  • The health regeneration from the Bracer of Health is not considered healing and thus does not trigger the ᛏ tile.

Expire Times

After a set amount of time (real-time, not playtime!), bracers expire and either level down or completely disappear.

Level Time to expire
1 10 days
2 10 days
3 5 days

Note: If you were using your Grinding Device on the Forsaken Isle and finish the level of your grinder some time later, the bracers you get from the grinder chest will be partially expired.

Where to find Bracers

Orbus Community Resources