Broken Hall Dungeon

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Broken Hall Dungeon
Broken Hall Dungeon.png
Type Dungeon
Accessible from Highsteppe City
Nearby Teleport Fellowship Court

The Broken Hall Dungeon is a dungeon located at the base of the Guardian Tree in the City of Highsteppe.


Dungeon Adds

The enemy groups in this dungeon consist of Stafrushers, Stafrasters and Stafrages.

Tips and Strategies

  • Mage, Musketeer & Bard decurse can be useful with groups that poison players.
  • On the slope after the first boss, pull the groups into the boss room one after another to not alert two or all three groups at once.
  • Be careful of Stafrasters and Stafrages that can attack through walls at corners with their ranged attacks.


The Minotaur.


  • Death Blast: The Minotaur will spawn a purple ball, which will follow a random player until it touches any person (not necessarily the person the ball focused on). It will stay at that position for a moment, and then explode. If the explosion does not hit the Minotaur, all of his next Rage attacks will take one more interrupt to stop. In shard dungeons, the Minotaur will use this attack much more frequently.
  • Rage: The Minotaur will raise its forearms up in front of its face in a defensive, and then charge up Rage. If successful, it will increase its damage dramatically. This attack is interruptible, and takes 3 interrupts in the beginning, which will increase by one every time the Death Blast explosions don't hit him.

Tips and Strategies

  • Everyone except the Tank can stay grouped near one wall or the balcony. This way, the Death Blast orb will always travel in the same direction, and can be stopped easily near the boss by a player or a Musketeer's Turret.


The Gorgon.


  • Gaze: The Gorgon will indicate a Gaze attack by raising its arms high over its head, rising up in the air and glowing in a yellow color. Any player that looks in the direction of the Gorgon when the attack goes off will take a large amount of damage.
  • Bouncing Tracer: The Gorgon will spawn a green projectile that travels from player to player, dealing damage proportional to how long it traveled[needs verification].
  • Minions: From time to time, a box with an eye symbol will spawn anywhere in the area. If the party doesn't kill it quickly, it will spawn a minion that looks like a white Tear Wizard. The minion will heal the boss for a small amount of HP or can poison party members that are in combat with it. Minions take extra damage during Gaze.

Tips and Strategies

  • When the Gorgon powers up Gaze, attack the Minions before turning around, as they take increased damage during Gaze.
  • The Bouncing Tracer of the Gorgon will only deal a small amount of damage if the party stays in a straight line with the boss. Have half of the party behind the Gorgon, half in front of it, and use the lines on the ground as a visual aid. Alternatively, all players can stand in a circle very close to the Gorgon.
  • A Runemage can cast backwards to ignore the Gaze attacks. Stand right next to the boss, on the opposite side of the tank, facing away from the Gorgon, and hold the off-hand controller backwards. Requires Lend a Hand as the Level 5 talent.
  • A Paladin can Shield the Gaze to gain extra charges, instead of turning around.


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