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Capes are cosmetic items in OrbusVR.

Once you break down a cape, its style is unlocked for transmogrification.

List of Capes

Mission Vendor Capes

Mission Vendor Rep 4 Rep 8
Monster Hunter Monster Hunter Rep4 Cape.png Monster Hunter Rep8 Cape.png
Fishing Fishing Rep4 Cape.png Fishing Rep8 Cape.png
Salvaging Salvaging Rep4 Cape.png Salvaging Rep8 Cape.png
PvP PvPRep4Cape.png PvPRep8Cape.png
Critter Capture Critter Capture Rep4 Cape.png Critter Capture Rep8 Cape.png
Dragon Racing Dragon Racing Rep4 Cape.png Dragon Racing Rep8 Cape.png
Public Events Events Rep4 Cape.png Events Rep8 Cape.png

World Boss Capes

Bjorn Stafrute Cape.png Tresus Cape
Chaos Giant Cape.png Chaos Giant Cape
Scav Giant Cape.png Scav Giant Cape
Rock Giant Cape.png Rock Giant Cape

Raid Capes

Raid Normal Mode Hard Mode
Guild City Guild City Raid Cape.png Guild City Hard Raid Cape.png
Citadel Citadel Raid Cape.png Citadel Hard Raid Cape.png

Other Capes

Icon Name Source
Grinding Cape.png Grinder Cape Grinding Device
Mimic Cape.png Mimic Cape Treasure Chest (Main Overworld)
Explorer Cape 1.png Explorer Cape Main Story Mission
Explorer Cape 2.png Explorer Cape 2 Main Story Complete
Trickster Goblin Cape.png Trickster Goblin Cape Trickster Goblin Shop
Mugwood MSP Cape.png DLC Cape Secrets of Mugwood MSP
Forsaken Isle Cape.png Forsaken Isle Cape Kill the group in the Forsaken Isle Cave

Unobtainable Capes

Seasonal Event Capes

Year Spring Summer Fall Winter Anniversary
2019 - - Fall 2019 Cape.png Winter 2019 Cape.png -
2020 Spring 2020 Cape.png Summer 2020 Cape.png Fall 2020 Cape.png Winter 2020 Cape.png -
2021 Spring 2021 Cape.png Summer 2021 Cape.png Fall 2021 Cape.png Winter 2021 Cape.png Anniversary 3 Cape.png
2022 Spring 2022 Cape.png Summer 2022 Cape.png Fall 2022 Cape.png Winter 2022 Cape.png Anniversary 4 Cape.png

Other Event Capes

Icon Name
Defend The Realm Cape.png Defend The Realm Cape (Reborn)
Explore The Realm Cape.png Explore The Realm Cape (Reborn)

Old Game Capes

Icon Name Source
Preborn Raid Normal Cape.png Preborn Raid Hard Cape.png Preborn Raid Expert Cape.png Raid Cape Waystation Crypt Raid (normal, hard, expert)
Order Cape.png Explorer Cape Oldgame.png Knight of Patreayl Cape.png Enforcer Cape
Explorer Cape
Knight of Patreayl Cape
Preborn: Main Story
Elongata World Boss Cape.png Sanyeal World Boss Cape.png Tradu World Boss Cape.png World Boss Capes Defeat World Bosses (Elongata, Sanyeal, Tradu)
Tradu Mines Cape 1.png Tradu Mines Cape 2.png Tradu Mines Cape Clear Tradu Mines
Defend The Realm Cape Oldgame.png Defend The Realm Cape Defend The Realm Event (Preborn)
Brotherhood Cape Oldgame.png Brotherhood Cape Brotherhood Questline
Mage Participant Cape.png Mage Winner Cape.png Mage Contest Cape Mage Contest Event
Hunting Cape Oldgame.png Hunting Cape Monster Hunter Side Questline
Oculus Gold Rush Cape.png Gold Rush Cape Oculus Gold Rush Event
  • The Enforcer Cape is the first cape you got.

Other Unobtainable Capes

Icon Name Source
Backer Cape.png Founder Cape.png Epic Founder Cape.png Backer Cape
Founder Cape
Epic Founder Cape
Backed OrbusVR on Kickstarter
Dev Cape.png Dev Cape Riley.png Dev Cape
Riley Cape
Become a Developer

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