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Menus[edit | hide | hide all]

When you first open up your menu you will see 8 options.

Orbus Menu Buttons.png

Stats & Equipment[edit | hide]

To the left on the equipment tab you will find your character stats, on the right you will see all the the equipment your character is currently wearing.

Orbus Menu Equipment.png

Daily Missions[edit | hide]

On the missions tab you will find your current missions, their descriptions, and completions status.

Mission Status Levels[edit | hide]

  • Brown/Black Outline: New
  • Copper Outine: First Stage
  • Silver Outline: Second Stage
  • Gold Outline: Finished

Orbus Menu Missions.png

To look at your mission details, just select the one you would like to read.

Titles[edit | hide]

You can earn titles by completing quests, ganing honour, or getting prestege with; Darrious, Whisper, Marlo, The Mayor, Pearcy & Siccilus (Please corrct these spellings if I have them wrong).

If you like, you can choose to wear any of your titles above your name.

Orbus Menu Title.png

To do so, on your character page; select the Choose Title tab and ten pick the one you would like displayed above your name.

Talents[edit | hide]

We will cover talents on the individual class pages.

Classes[edit | hide]

Healers[edit | hide]