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The Citadel is a tall building located in the ruins of Guild City, and is the location of the Citadel Raid.

Appearance and Layout

Napur's boss arena.

From the outside, the Citadel is a very large tower with a few smaller towers on the side.

The inside looks very different from the outside, with the ceiling broken and the sky visible in some places, even though the building itself looks mostly intact from the outside. This may be because the magick involved messes up space inside of the structure, or because the inside of it is partly located outside of this dimension.

Portals inside lead to various astral pockets where Sephoteps creations try to stop the players from reaching him in the Citadel Raid. These mini-dimensions look even more broken than the main hallway, with some laws of physics seemingly taking a break.


Officially, the Citadel was built to show the other nations that Patreayl has recovered from the Order of Ma'at pillaging their land. It is a marvel of technology, capable of creating astral bridges as pathways between dimensions, powered by essence harvested from the Gods of Chaos, and was supposed to turn Patreayl into a country of explorers, journeying through time and space to find new worlds.

But it turned out that this was just a story made up by Sephotep to conceal his true intentions - in truth, the enormous amounts of essence released by the Citadel would be a beacon to summon Nodenghast, the mother of the chaos gods, to Taella-Oso, as he was looking for something in the walls of her castle, and would gladly destroy the entire world just to get his hands on it.

The moment the Citadel was activated, a bright purple beam shot up in the sky and created a huge portal that was visible from everywhere withing Patreayl, and during a single week, floods, earthquakes, and fires plagued the lands, and reshaped large parts of the country. This period before the arrival of the Castle of Nodenghast would become known as the Great Shift.

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