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Model: Pherosis

Description[edit | hide | hide all]

Which tilesets you choose will be dependent on your card rotation.

Suggested Scoundrel Tilesets[edit | hide]

Scoundrel (Source: Scott)[edit | hide]

Tileset Scoundrel Scott May 2021.png

This is the quantity and type of runes you will need to make the above tileset:

ᛗ: 5 Ƶ: 5 ᚨ: 3 ᛟ: 2 ᚾ: 1

Scott - Combat Rotation[edit | hide]

Curve charged


Fast shot


Fast shot

Fast shot


Fast shot

Scott - Card Rotation[edit | hide]

Store any card when nothing stored immediately.

If Vine (Poison), Flint (Weakness), or Ash (dark red) card, keep stored. Otherwise remove from belt and shoot immediately.

Every time you have one of those cards stored you shoot the Vine (Poison) card when you can burn a Flint or Ash.

For little extra dps, burn the Ice and Light card whenever you get them too.

Scott - Rune Meanings[edit | hide]

ᛗ: 2 hits a second

Ƶ: Hit with between 1 and 2 seconds in-between

ᚨ: Burning a card (any card)

ᛟ: Card of vines (poison card)

ᚾ: 3 hits a second

Scott & Pherosis have posted a reward for a better Scoundrel tileset (than the one above).[edit | hide]

Here is the post of what we are hoping for & what we are offering to the person who can do it:

Reward For Scoundrel Tileset