Musketeer/Healing Quantities

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Model: Pherosis

Please understand that all numbers were taken from a level 30 (+0) blue dungeon musket. These are intended to show relative heal strength, not precise heal numbers.

Healing Basics

  • We use the word "bounce" to mean: Use the "charged orb" talent with a charged shot onto any enemy/turret to cause that orb to apply to a large radius AOE of all your allies.
  • All Critical Heals cause 50% more healing. Turret heals, direct heals, and heal-over-time-ticks (HOTs like renew) can critically hit.
  • Renew ticks are NOT affected by charging your turret (with the "One For All" talent).
  • Renew applied by the turret overwrite any direct/bounced renew buffs each time the turret heals an ally. Turret renew ticks are MUCH smaller than your direct/bounced renew ticks.
  • Charging an orb does not affect the quantity of healing - it only changes the radius of the AOE application (affects a larger area of allies)
  • Threat is generated by each point of healing applied to any ally. This includes "overhealing" (healing someone who doesn't have any damage).

Direct/Bounced Healing

  • Cure Wounds: 54348
  • Renew (per tick): 5888
  • Shield (with curative shield talent): 10870 -- NOTE: I do not know how much damage is prevented by the actual shield. This is just the talent's initial healing amount.
  • Lifewell (per tick): 2717

Turret Healing

  • Turret - not charged (no buffs): 2264
  • Turret - not charged - buffed with cure wounds orb: 2264 + 1132 (two separate heals hit the allied target simultaneously)
  • Turret - charged (see: "One for All" talent): 4529
  • Turret - charged - buffed with cure wounds orb: 4529 + 2264 (two separate heals hit the allied target simultaneously)
  • Renew ticks from turret: 1585

Raid/Dungeon Healing Rotation

This is an opinion. It is situation dependent and should change based on ally position and how long the tank has had to build threat on enemies.

  • If you are above 60% health and won't take any damage within 5 seconds, charge your turret and toss it.
  • If any ally is below half health, charge your cure wounds orb and shoot an enemy or turret near that ally to bounce it to all nearby allies.
  • Charge your renew orb and shoot an enemy (not your turret) to apply renew HOT on all nearby allies.
  • Shoot an uncharged shield at the tank
  • Shoot an uncharged cure wounds orb at your turret so it will get bigger heals if/when anyone needs it. This will generate less threat than a charged cure wounds orb because it won't bounce.

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