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Pherosis as a Musketeer

Relevant Runes

  • ᛃ: Decurse or shield orb
  • ᛏ: Renew orb, cure wounds, lifewell, or shield with heal talent
  • ᚢ: Weakness orb or gravity orb
  • ᛟ: Apply poison orb (every enemy it hits), or renew (every player it hits)
  • ᛗ: 2 hits per second (normal shots count as two hits - charged shots don't!)
  • Ƶ: Hit with between 1 and 2 seconds in-between
  • ᛁ: Hit with between 2 and 3 seconds in-between

Healer Musketeer

These tilesets are tuned for the healer build of the Musketeer class.

Raider Musketeer

Raider Musketeer set

Tileset by Malchin & Scott This tileset is based on a Musketeer using Shield, Renew, Weakness and Cure Wounds, and is best used in a Raid setting.

Runes needed

ᛏ: 5 Ƶ: 5 ᛁ: 4 ᚢ: 1 ᛗ: 1 ᛃ: 1 ᛟ: 1


  • Ƶᛗᛏ
  • Ƶᛏᛁᚢ
  • Ƶᛏᛁᛟ
  • Ƶᛏᛁᛃ
  • Ƶᛏᛁ

Orb rotations

The rotation to activate these tiles is:

  1. Always keep a renew on yourself so you get healed (and thus a ᛏ rune).
  2. Fire a charged shot, then normal shot (right after the charged shot).
  3. Then charge shot again (just after it becomes available), followed by another normal shot.

If you keep this up the entire time, this should already activate the Ƶᛏᛁ tile.

Your use the charged shots to fire your Renew, Shield and Weakness orb, this will activate the Ƶᛏᛁᛟ, Ƶᛏᛁᛃ and Ƶᛏᛁᚢ tiles respectively, as well as still activating the Ƶᛏᛁ tile.

The cure wounds orb is not included in the tiles so you can just use this 'On demand' without it affecting your rotation.


  • When your turret is in use, it will interfere with these tiles. In raids this is often less of an issue as your turret is often placed near the DPS to bounce heals of for them. If you use these tiles in shard dungeons you can choose to not place the turret or stop using the normal shot after the charged shot. If you time it right (and the turret is willing), the turret heals can replace it. The tiles will activate less though.

Damage Musketeer

These sets are tuned for the damage build of Musketeer.

Overworld Solo Musketeer

Overworld Solo Musketeer set

Tileset by Traffic Cone

This tileset is based on the Musketeer using Poison, Renew, Shield and Cure, and using the Curative Shield talent.

Runes needed

ᛃ: 4 ᛏ: 4 ᛗ: 3 ᛟ: 3


  • ᛃᛟᛗ
  • ᛃᛏᛟ
  • ᛃᛏᛗ
  • ᛃᛟᛏ
  • ᛟᛏᛗ

Musketeer Runesight: Notes

Reading musketeer tiles have a lot of interference and are very hard to read/understand for a variety of reasons.

Charged Orb (Level 20 talent)

This talent is by far the most useful for musketeer and should definitely be selected because when you do a charged shot at the enemy, you can potentially everyone in your party with a heal (if they are all within distance). The downside to this talent for tiles is that you will get a tile for each person you apply a buff to.

For example, if you charge shot a renew followed by a shield in a dungeon where you hit everyone in the party (5) the tiles over your head will look like: ᛟᛟᛟᛟᛟᛏᛁᛃᛃᛃᛃᛃ. If you were to make the tileset ᛟᛏᛃ, you have 5 runes of interference. This is true for all orbs that have affects on your party.

The reverse is true for damage orbs that are charged for effects on enemies. If you charge a weakness and it hits 3 enemies, you will get 3 ᚢ tiles in a row. The benefit is that on boss fights, this is usually just 1 enemy therefore making a reasonable set start with weakness. The main question is then what orb do people shoot after weakness?


Depending on if your turret is out or now may change the number of hits per second tiles you get. At the very least, it makes the number way more inconsistent.

Additionally, the turret can act as an "enemy" which will count for any number of enemies hit, or it will change depending on if your turret is out. Theoretically if your turret is out, and you are fighting a boss, every charge shot you will see a 1 (hit 2+ enemies).

This gets further complicated with the fact that if multiple enemies are hit, hits-per-second tiles do not activate. Meaning if your turret is out and you are charge shotting, you are likely to get the a number of enemies hit tile rather than any hits-per-second tiles.

Delay Tiles

The orbs do not all respawn at the same rates and in boss fights you might save orbs for specific times. Therefore having a delay tile may be inconsistent without really structured practice for it.

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