Class 101 / Tank / Warrior

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Model: Scott

Tips[edit | hide | hide all]

All combinations are reversed when the sword is in your left hand.

Gear Enchancments[edit | hide]

Suggested Warrior Rune Tilesets[edit | hide]

Best Armour Affixes[edit | hide]

+% Crit Damage

+% Crit Chance

Best Weapon Affixes[edit | hide]


Charged Strikes

First Strike (if extra boss agro is needed [if warrior is at 100% health, all hits are crits])

Lightning Forged (if extra add agro is needed)

Bleed (if extra DPS is needed)

Ice Heart (if extra DPS is needed [you need to have a mage who uses frost regularly in your party for this to be the best for you])