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Orbus Coliseum.jpg
Type Dungeon
Accessible from Tavern
Nearby Teleport none
Orbus Dialogue.png The Coliseum is currently in an early beta testing stage, and will be subject to change in the near future.

The Coliseum is a two-player wave-based dungeon, and can be accessed from the tavern in Highsteppe City. The Coliseum is currently in a beta testing stage, and there are no rewards for beating all waves yet.


  • Players can enter with a group of up to two people, and will have to defeat 25 waves of enemies that spawn in one after another.
  • The next wave only spawns if the previous one has been defeated.
  • Should a player die, they can reawaken, and will respawn at a tiny island with a single door that leads back to the tavern.
  • To exit, use the "To Graveyard" button in the settings.


These are the waves after the update on November 15th 2022, and may change in the future.

  1. Venom Arachna (x1)
  2. Venom Arachnas (x2)
  3. Venom Arachnas (x3)
  4. Venom Arachnas (x4)
  5. Octofangs (x5)
  6. Black Chicken (x1)
  7. Black Chickens (x2)
  8. Black Chickens (x3)
  9. Black Chickens (x4)
  10. Black Chickens (x5)
  11. Black Chickens (x6)
  12. Black Chickens (x7)
  13. Black Chickens (x8)
  14. Black Chickens (x9)
  15. Black Chickens (x10)
  16. Dungeon Troll, Corpse Minion, Undead Brute, Undead Caster, Necro Rusher (x2)
  17. Lich King, Grave Walker, Undead Brutes (x2), Undead Caster
  18. Dungeon Troll, Lich King
  19. Dungeon Troll, Lich King, Purple Aberration Miniboss, Undead Mage, Necro Rusher (x2)
  20. Purple Aberration Miniboss, Grave Walker, Undead Brute (x2) Undead Caster (x2), Necro Rusher (x2), Undead Mage
  21. Seamstress
  22. Seamstress, Dungeon Troll
  23. Seamstress, Dungeon Troll, Lich King
  24. Seamstress, Dungeon Troll, Lich King, Black Chickens (x3)
  25. Black Chickens (x25)


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