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OrbusVR allows you to customize your equipment's appearance by letting you apply different styles and change the colors.


Transmog Closet

Transmogs allow you to change the appearance of your armor pieces and weapons.

The items that can be transmogged are:

Applying Transmogs

The transmog closet is located in the player house, next to the door to the basement.

  1. Equip the armor and weapons you would like to transmog.
  2. Open the transmog closet.
  3. Click on the target equipment piece on the left door of the closet.
  4. The right side will now show a list of unlocked styles. Click on the desired style, or, to remove a previously applied transmog, the red X.
  5. Once you are satisfied with your look, click on apply on the left door of the closet to apply the style for a small fee.

Raid gear is class-specific, but you can use this workaround to use the armor styles on any other class as a transmog (even if the armor is a completely different type):

  1. Equip the weapon of the class you want to use the transmog of (for example, Bard mallets).
  2. Equip the armor you want to use the transmog for (for example, the plate armor for your Paladin). They won't show up on the mannequin, but you can still select them on the left door.
  3. The right door should show now show the raid transmogs of your currently equipped class (the Bard ones, in our example). Click on the desired style.
  4. Click on apply on the left door.
  5. Switch back to your other class (the Paladin) to see what your armor now looks like.

Getting Transmogs

Transmogs can be acquired from a variety of sources. To unlock a style at the closet, you need to break down (or infuse) the corresponding piece of gear.

  • Overworld, armor and weapon drops from dungeons and raids
  • Seasonal quest rewards
  • Long-term mission rewards
  • Bought from NPCs with dram or tokens
  • Grinding Device
  • Crafting at the Tinkerer table

For a list of weapon and armor transmogs and where to find them, see:


  • Breaking down beginner weapons won't give a transmog. This means you can't make weapons look like beginner weapons.
  • While the game allows it, transmogging bracers will not have any visual change.


Gloves dyed with Lavender and Salmon dyes.

→ Main Page: Dyes

Every piece of armor has two color regions: Base color and Accent color. These can be dyed by using Major or Accent dyes on the armor piece.

Some parts of the armor are not able to be dyed, usually belts or buckles.

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