Critter Capture

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Critter Capture is a minigame in OrbusVR.

While capturing critters does not give any XP itself, it is needed for Pierre Cenn's missions, and some Long Term Missions.

Capturing Critters

A Net Gun of any kind is required for the critter capture minigame.

  • Find a node of the kind of critter you want to catch, and walk up to it.
  • Blow into the horn attached to your net gun to scare out any animals hiding nearby. Around 5 critters will spawn.
  • Shoot bags at the critters using your net gun. If you manage to hit them with the net, they'll turn into bags and disappear.

Rare Critters

Every node has a chance to spawn a critter that is significantly larger than normal. Catching one of these large critters counts as three for your missions.

List of Critters

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Name Locations Picture Node
Mice Mouse Critters.jpg Mouse Critter Hint.jpg
Parathime Finches Finch Critters.jpg Finch Critter Hint.jpg
Squirrels Squirrel Critters.jpg Squirrel Critter Hint.jpg
Obnobi Lizards Lizard Critters.jpg Lizard Critter Hint.jpg
Toads Toad Critters.jpg Toad Critter Hint.jpg
Green Crested Fowl Green Crested Fowl Critters.jpg Green Crested Fowl Hint.jpg
Skunks Skunk Critters.jpg Skunk Critter Hint.jpg
Geese Goose Critters.jpg Goose Critter Hint.jpg
Mutated Skunks Mutated Skunk Critters.jpg Mutated Skunk Critter Hint.jpg
Mutated Toads Mutated Toad Critters.jpg Mutated Toad Critter Hint.jpg
Raccoons Raccoon Critters.jpg Raccoon Critter Hint.jpg
Moonfly -
Snatcher (Fall Event)
Snowmen (Winter Event) Winter Minions 2022.jpg
Appearance varies.
Winter Critter Hint.jpg

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