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Darius can be found in the center of his monster-hunting stronghold. He gives out monster-hunting missions as well as a lore questline.


Level Missions
Level Completion Description
1 Sapling Stafrushers Sapling Stafrushers are a constant nuisance to the people of Highsteppe. Go slay some of the ones outside the gates near the fence to help protect the town.
2 Sapling Barkers Sapling Barkers are often found right outside the Highsteppe fence, past the practice dummies. Clear them out! They can be identified by the red explosives strapped to their backs.
3 Stafrushers The paths leading away from the gates have become infested with Stafrushers. Thin them out to ensure safe travels for Highsteppe's traveling traders.
4 Barking Stafrushers Barking Stafrushers have been seen gathering near Trader's Road. Defeat them, using cautions to avoid their Exploding Bark attack.
6 Kill Monsters:
  • Volur Stafrage
  • Stafrage
  • Stafrusher
In a troubling development, the Volur Stafrage has been trying to summon monsters from the Chaos Portal on the plateau in the West of Highsteppe.
7 Rushed Stafrushers There are Rushed Stafrushers trying to break the defenses around the realm. Stop them to protect the nearby villagers. The Last Stand public event is located near the secondary Highsteppe Gate.
9 Stafrutes The Stafrutes are massive corruptions of nature; bring a weapon and cut them down to szie. They are known to gather near Highsteppe and the Flooded Rainforest.
10 Kill monsters in the Crypt Dungeon:
  • Undead: 5
  • Dungeon Troll: 5
  • Lich King: 1
The Lich King has been slowly sapping energy from the Guardian Tree and must be defeated.
11 Kill monsters in the Sewer Dungeon:
  • Sewer Rat: 6
  • Mutated Rat: 2
  • Sewer Slime: 2
Dive deeper under Highsteppe to clean out the Rats that have taken over the Sewer Dungeon.
12 Fortified Stafrutes The Fortified Stafrutes seem to be emboldened by the Essence. Defeat them to help further understand the source of their power. They have been seen near the Green Lady Temple ruins to the West of Highsteppe.
13 The Horde The Horde is forming at the mouth of the Inuinu Chasm in the Flooded Rainforest. Travel there and clean out this new threat.
14 Kill Monsters:
  • Stafrusher: 10
  • Stafraster: 5
  • Sorceress: 2
Track and destroy the Sorceress near Highsteppe, along with the Stafrasters that follow her. She has been gathering her forces on the far side of the tunnel near Trader's Road.
15 Colossus Track the Stafrute called Colossus, and help eliminate a major threat to Highsteppe. They were last seen hiding near the Cut Throat Cave inside the Flooded Rainforest.
16 Tear Caster A new enemy, the Tear Caster, has been discovered. They are capable of shielding nearby allies unless stunned. Venture to the Lamavora Battlefields, near the Broken Castle public event, to find this foe.
18 Tear Wizards The Tear Wizards are powerful monsters, beware their attacks that harness the Essence power. Track them down in the Lamavora Battlefield.
19 Kill Monsters:
  • General Minion: 7
  • Void Caster: 2
  • Tear General: 2
Track and destroy the Tear General, along with the soldiers that follow him. He has been seen near Vulcan's Peak in the Lamavora Battlefield.
21 Kill monsters in the Airship Dungeon:
  • Tear Wizard: 10
  • Chaos Purity: 1
  • Chaos Hunter: 1
The airship routes have been under siege by monsters teleporting abord to pirate cargo. Enter the Airship Dungeon and make sure the ship makes it to its final destination safely.
23 Pistoler Scavs Be wary of the Pistoler Scavs, with their bird shaped helms; they are some of the deadliest foes inside the Wastelands.
24 Kill Monsters:
  • Bucket Scav: 7
  • Sniper Scav: 5
  • Tohmain: 2
There is a Scav that is trying to unite the different factions to mount an attack on Highsteppe! They meet deep in the Skav's Den cave in the Wastelands under heavy guard. Disrupt their preparations at all costs.
27 Kill Monsters:
  • Elite Stafrusher: 4
  • Elite Stafraster: 5
  • Elite Stafrage: 4
There are far too many creatures lurking around the Realm; kill the monsters on this list anywhere in the world.
28 Bjorn Stafrute Giants have been spotted nearby. There is an overgrown tree terrorizing Green Lady Temple near Highstppe, defeat it and secure the area.
29 Scav Giant A Giant Scav has been seen walking about inside Hulthine's Basin. Mutated even further than a typical Scav, it has been terrorizing the realm. Defeat it to help bring peace.
29 Chaos Giant A new threat has been spotted, the Chaos Giant! Ensure that you bring more than just your courage to send it back to the darkness it came from. Search inside the Lamavora Battlefields for this giant.


Icon Name Reputation Price
Orbus-Ithecac-Potion.png Ithecac Potion 1 1,000 Dram
Disk Mount.png Disk Mount 2 500 Dram
Tinkering Blueprint.png Gears of Time Blueprint 3 1,000 Dram
Monster-Hunter-Gloves.png Monster Hunter Gloves 4 4,000 Dram
Monster Hunter Rep4 Cape.png Monster Hunter Rep4 Cape 4 1,000 Dram
Monster-Hunter-Shoulders.png Monster Hunter Shoulders 5 5,000 Dram
WheatPrim.png Wheat Major Dye 6 1,000 Dram
Monster-Hunter-Hat.png Monster Hunter Hat 6 6,000 Dram
Monster-Hunter-Chest.png Monster Hunter Chest 7 7,000 Dram
Rocket Mount.png Rocket Mount 8 8,000 Dram
Monster Hunter Rep8 Cape.png Monster Hunter Rep 8 Cape 8 1,000 Dram

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