Decurse (Spell)

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Decurse rune

Decurse is an utility spell that can remove one negative status effect from a single target (players as well as enemies). If there are multiple decurse-able status effects on the target, only one is removed.

Cast this spell in advance if you see an enemy cast a DoT on you, to remove the status effect immediately before it starts dealing damage. Status effect that can be removed from players by Decurse are:

  • Poison DoT
  • Affliction DoT (e.g. the Marksman Scav's Shadow Mark)
  • Food poisoning (from Ruined or Overaged Potions)
  • Frost Slow (e.g. the Pistoler Scav's Frost).

Most player-inflicted status effects can be decursed from enemies. Use this to clear DoTs from bosses to delay mechanics that happen at a specific percentage of the boss's health until everyone in the party is ready to deal with them (for example on Geruvi of the Citadel Raid).

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