Dragon Breeding

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By using the terrarium in the Player House, dragon pets can be bred for certain sizes and color combinations.

Neither species nor color or size of the dragon have any effect on dragon races or gameplay except visual.


The terrarium in the player house.

You can breed two dragons by placing them in the first two slots of the dragon breeding chest near the terrarium in the player house.

You need to feed the dragons first, with either the normal Dragon Treats or special treats that can influence genetics.

After placing the dragons in the chest, a small flame appears. After 12 hours, another dragon will appear in the third slot of the chest.



A Sea, Tiger and Mouse dragon.

There are three types of dragon: Mouse Dragons, Tiger Dragons and Sea Dragons, with Mouse dragons being the smallest and Sea dragons the largest. The three dragon species can inter-breed, and the offspring can be either one of the parent's species.


Each type of dragon has three different color regions - Primary, Secondary, and Spot color - which come in one of 14 different colors each.

Like in real genetics, a dragon has two genes for each of the three color regions. An offspring will inherit one random gene from each parent for every color region. Some colors are more dominant than others, and the more dominant color gene determines the dragon's appearance (for example, a blue/orange color region will be blue).

The colors will show in this order (with Brown being the most dominant and Taupe the most recessive):


The largest and smallest Sea dragon in comparison.

The size of dragons can vary from 0 to 8, with 8 being the largest. The size of the offspring will either one or in between of the sizes of the parents.


Mutations can randomly change a color gene of the offspring to differ from the parents.

Mutations can only occur if the offspring inherits the recessive color genes from both parents (25% of the time). Only then, with a chance of 50%, will the more recessive color gene mutate into an even more recessive one.

Pet Treats

In the Dragon Shoppe in Highsteppe City, four different special pet treats are for sale that make breeding for certain traits easier.

  • Prime: Both genes of the parent's primary color are inherited.
  • Mellow: Both genes of the parent's secondary color are inherited.
  • Spotty: Both genes of the parent's spot color are inherited.
  • Impressive: This parent's size will be weighted more strongly - the baby does not have to inherit the exact size.


  • Only one special treat can be fed to each parent. Feeding another treat will override the effect.
  • Mutations can still occur.
  • If the same treat is fed to both parents, it will go back to normal breeding rules.

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