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Dragon racing is a minigame in OrbusVR where players need to steer their pet dragon through an obstacle course and reach the finish line as fast as possible. The ten fastest times are noted on the leaderboard next to the course.

Repeatable missions for dragon racing are given out by Sicilus in the Dragon Shoppe of Highsteppe City.

How it Works

You can initiate a dragon race by standing next to the leaderboard sign for a race and feeding your dragon a Dragon Treat (equip it as a tool and throw it next to your pet).

You can steer your dragon by turning your head in the direction you want it to fly in. The exact direction is indicated by a small pink dot in the middle of your field of view. By pulling your thumb stick back, you dragon will slow down, which allows it to make sharper turns.

Your dragon can only fly for a limited period of time, indicated by the length of the streaks at its wingtips. When the streaks completely disappear, the dragon will fall out of the sky, failing the race. Endurance is refilled by flying through a triangle or ring of any color. Yellow rings/triangles also give you a time bonus of five seconds each.

Hitting any walls or obstacles will immediately fail the race.


There are currently 14 different Dragon Races:

Highsteppe City

  • The Beginning: Easy course in the Dragon Shoppe, serving as an introduction to Dragon Racing.
  • Second Chance: A harder course that splits into an easy and a hard path, and introduces tunnels as an obstacle.
  • Lich King:
  • Sewer Rat:
  • Broken Halls: Weave tightly around the pillars that support the ceiling of the Broken Hall's first boss room.


  • Mouse Trap: This maze requires players to slow down to take sharper turns. Located near the gates of Highsteppe City.
  • Racing Ruins: Propellers. Located near Kingsport Lake.
  • Sky High: Located near Rope Bridge.

Flooded Rainforest

  • Swamp Smash:
  • Swamp Monsters


  • Let Loose: Dodge the ballista bolts in this race near Knight's Fort.

Hulthine's Basin

  • Flying High
  • Water Slide: This race partly takes place below the surface of the water, with many hazards like swarms of fish and a hungry treasure chest.


  • Scav's Revenge

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