Dungeon Shard Affixes

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Shard Affixes are special effects of a dungeon shard, which make shard dungeons harder to complete and require different strategies to deal with.

Number of Shard Affixes

Depending on the shard level, there can be 1-8 affixes on the shard:

  • 1-3 pre-set affixes on a shard. These affixes are tied to the shard and only change after it is used to complete a shard dungeon.
  • 0-5 additional weekly affixes that are active in all shard dungeons played that week.
  • On level 11 and above, one of the major weekly affixes can be different from the lower shard levels (*).
Shard Level Minor Pre-Set Affixes Major Weekly Affixes Brutal Weekly Affixes
1 1 0 0
3 1
6 2 2*
10 1
11 3
13 3
15 2

List of Shard Affixes

Below is a list of all possible shard affixes for every category.

Minor Pre-Set Affixes

These affixes are pre-set on the dungeon shard and can be looked at by hovering over the shard in the inventory. The affixes stay on the shard, and will only change after leveling up/down a shard.

Affix On Boss Fights? Effect Strategies
Aggressive Yes All monsters hit a little faster. Stun-locking helps on elites and bosses.
Alert Yes Doubles the aggro range of all mobs in the dungeon. Drink a masked scent potion (lasts 20 minutes), and/or stick close and don't push ahead until your group is ready. Also, watch where you're walking.
Break It No Increases the number of interrupts you have to do on mobs by 1. Do another interrupt.
Dumbfounded Yes Super charge takes a lot longer to build. Drink a super boost potion, ask for a Bard boost, or wear a wisdom bracer.
Fatigued Yes Halves your teleport distance (it still generates at the same rate). Watch where you are standing in case you need to get behind something fast. Manage your stamina.
Hot Foot
Buff Icon Applied to Player
Yes After 2 seconds of not moving, you will begin to take damage. Move your character about every 2 seconds or so. (You must use your slide/teleport; moving by walking in your player space does not work).
Indecisive Yes Makes it harder for tanks to hold aggro. Just be a good tank… that's really all you can do.
Mobile No Doubles the mob movement speed. Not much is different, just know if you're trying to run away… you can't.
Strong Willed Yes Players do 1% to 3% less magic damage.
Thick Skinned Yes Players do 1% to 3% less physical damage.
Unprepared Yes The first monster per group you hit takes 25% extra damage from that hit, every hit after for that mob group does 10% less damage.
Weakened Yes All the monsters hit a little bit harder. Stun-locking helps on elites and bosses.

Major Weekly Affixes

Weekly affixes will be active on all shards that are run that week.

Affix On Boss Fights? Effect Strategies
Difficult to Dodge Yes Enemy projectiles move faster. Keep an eye on enemy cast bars and anticipate projectile attacks to dodge them quickly.
Discontent No Poison pools drop on the ground when an add dies; pools from elite mobs do way more damage.
Last Stand: If this affix is also in play, it will double the damage of the pools.
Stay out of the pools. Be mindful of where you kill the monsters.
Last Stand No When a monster has 25% or less health, they do double damage on all attacks. Kill one monster at a time.
On Your Toes No Spawns small rings under you that do a very small amount of damage to you. Move out of the ring before it goes off.
Power Strikes ? Projectiles do double damage. Don't get hit by any projectiles.
Reaction Test No Spawns red orbs on the field that blow up over time applying a weak poison to everyone in range. Shoot the orbs.
Status effect applied to the player
No Green icons on random players making them 5% less heal-able, this can stack up to 10 times. Heal more.
Unstable No When mobs are killed they blow up, doing damage to all nearby players.
Last Stand: If this affix is also in play, it will double the damage of the explosions.
Jump away from mobs as soon as they die.
Status effect applied to enemies
No When you kill an enemy, all the enemies around it get a 10% damage bonus. Can stack up to 5 times. Lower all of the mobs in a group, then kill them quickly.
Polymorphed enemies don't gain Vindictive stacks when their buddies die.
Wild Creatures No Periodically puts a random person on the top of the aggro table, causing the tank to lose aggro (makes your tank sad and irritable). DPS: Stop hitting the mob, and lead it back to your tank.
Tank: Fight the mobs away from your DPS; save your aggro book/horn to pick the mobs back up before it becomes a problem.
Infection No Enemy DoTs do double damage. Decurse quickly!
Virus ("Ricardo")
Status effect applied to the player
No Stack spawns on a random player, doing DoT damage. Switches targets after a while. Heal through it.
Back Bug Yes Small purple orb spawns on players, doing DoT damage as long as the bug is attached. Players can have multiple bugs at once. Party members have to remove the bugs from the affected players. You cannot remove your own back bug.

Brutal Weekly Affixes

Weekly affixes will be active on all shards that are run that week.

Affix On Boss Fights? Effect Strategies
Reflective Strikes
Status effect applied to adds
No Mobs randomly get a shield around them. If you hit monsters with a shield, the shield damages you for roughly about half of the damage of your strike. Switch to an unshielded target.
Shared Pain No If a player dies, everyone else gets damaged for 50% of their max health. If a player is below 50% of their maximum health, they die, triggering Shared Pain again. Don't die.
Reincarnation No Monsters have a 10% to 20% chance to resurrect.

Removed Shard Affixes

These affixes were once in the game, but have been removed since.

Affix On Boss Fights? Type Effect Strategies
Golden Egg Yes Major Weekly Affix As soon as you put in the shard, a golden egg/ball appears that does damage the longer you hold it. If no player holds it for a while, it explodes, killing the party. Pass it to other players when necessary.

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