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The dungeons in OrbusVR are linear, with focus on combat rather than exploration. Most dungeons have two bosses with different mechanics that need teamwork and strategy to beat. Many groups of monsters are blocking the path to the bosses, and have to be defeated first.


There are currently eight different dungeons in Orbus. Four of them can be found inside the City of Highsteppe, at the base of the Guardian Tree, and four are located at various places in the overworld.

List of Dungeons

The eight main dungeons are:

There are currently two dungeon-like areas in the game, that behave like the normal dungeons in most ways, but have unusual layouts or mechanics, and cannot be sharded:

Random Dungeon Queue

Normal dungeons can also be entered by using the Dungeon Queue, which can be found under Activities in the menu. The game will try to form a group of one tank, one support and three DPS players, and teleport the players in one of the four Highsteppe dungeons.

  • Dungeon shards can't be used in Dungeon Queues.
  • Make sure you only sign up for the roles you are able to play.
  • Parties can join a Dungeon Queue too, but only the party leader can start the queue.

Shard Dungeons

Shard dungeons are more difficult versions of the normal dungeons, with stronger monsters, slightly different boss mechanics and additional effects that are active while inside of the dungeon. It is recommended to bring a party of max-level players to tackle these dungeons.

Only one reward chest appears, and only when both bosses and most of the monster groups are defeated. This chest can contain better than normal gear - the higher the level of the shard dungeon, the higher the stats on the gear.

Any one of the eight main dungeons can be turned into a shard dungeon by using a dungeon shard at the pedestal near the entrance portal.

Dungeon Shards

A dungeon shard.

Boss chests from normal dungeons contain a Dungeon Shard, if the player is level 30 on their current class and does not already have one in their inventory.

A Dungeon Shard has a level, specifies the dungeon it can be used in, and has 1-3 fixed affixes on it. It can be used by equipping it as a tool and dropping it into the pedestal at the entrance of the dungeon, and will turn the dungeon into a shard dungeon.

Once the shard is used, all players are teleported to the start of the dungeon, and a timer starts. Completing the dungeon will give the original owner of the shard a new shard with different affixes and, depending on the time it took to completion, a higher or lower level.

  • Less than 30 minutes: +1 Level
  • Less than 15 minutes: +2 Levels
  • More than 30 minutes: -2 Levels. For level 1 or 2 shard dungeons, the shard will disappear; for level 3+ dungeons, a chest will spawn as soon as the timer runs out, containing the new shard.

Plus-Level Equipment

The armor and weapons from the chest that spawns once the dungeon is completed has additional levels on it, called plus levels. The level of the equipment depends on the shard level.

Rarely, a weapon from a mid- to high-level shard dungeon can be legendary - those weapons have two weapon affixes instead of one.

Shard Level Plus Level Legendary Weapon
1-3 +1 -
4-6 +2 -
7-9 +3 +3
10-12 +4 +4
13-14 +5 +5
15 +5 +6

Shard Affixes

→ Main Page: Dungeon Shard Affixes

Depending on the shard level, there can be 1-3 pre-set affixes on a shard - these affixes are tied to the shard and only change after it is used to complete a shard dungeon - and 0-5 additional weekly affixes that are active in all shard dungeons played that week.

  • All active affixes can be seen by looking up after dropping the shard.
  • Weekly affixes reset every Tuesday when Orbus does the weekly update.

Further Notes

  • Do not use a shard in a dungeon that has already completed, as no chest will spawn. All players have to exit the dungeon first and then enter a new instance.
  • Consider using potions in higher-level shards.
  • A shard dungeon can still be completed after a shard breaks, and the reward chest will spawn like normal.

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