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External tools created by the community.

Interactive Map

Hulthine's Basin with resource spawn locations.

→ Main Page: Interactive Map

A complete map of all areas in OrbusVR, created by Potâto.

  • Shows locations of harvestables, critter capture nodes, quest items, journal pages, dragon races
  • Public events and when they'll start
  • Enemy spawn points
  • NPC locations
  • Teleport pillars, graveyards and entrances to all dungeons, raids, DLC zones
  • Locations and required lures for all fish, availability of legendary fish
  • Treasure Map locations
  • PC only: Shows player location and automatically focuses current zone

Cindy DPS Tracker

Cindy's UI

→ Main Page: Cindy DPS Tracker

A powerful DPS tool for PCVR users that automatically reads the combat logs to visualize damage and healing done. Created by Scott.

  • Visualizes damage and healing done -
  • Compete for high scores on the global DPS leaderboard
  • Automatically runs in the background
  • Saves fight history for later viewing

Global DPS Leaderboard

By starting Cindy's DPS challenge mode, PCVR players can compete for the highest damage score.

  • The challenge has to be completed alone, on one of the dummies in the player house
  • Additional analysis is available for scores submitted to the leaderboard

Character Armory

The webpage shows player and fellowship details, using OrbusVR's public API. Created by aRkker.

  • Current character loadout, including equipment stats, tilesets, transmogs, dyes
  • Dungeons and shard dungeons completed
  • Raid bosses defeated
  • Cindy integration
  • Misc character stat graphs, like game time, monsters killed, potions brewed, fish caught, battlegrounds completed, etc.
  • Fellowship: Members, fellowship raid and dungeon runs
  • Raid and dungeon rankings (fastest times)

Boss Timer

A simple timer for PCVR users to keep track of timed boss mechanics. Created by Potâto.

  • Automatically starts when combat is entered
  • Customizable phases for every enemy

Download: Google Drive (mirror)

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