Fellowship Hall

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Fellowship Hall
Fellowship Court.jpg
Type Location
Accessible from Highsteppe City
Nearby Teleport none

Fellowship Hall is a building in Highsteppe City, and provides a meeting place for the members of a fellowship.

Fellowship Court

The plaza in front of Fellowship Hall is called Fellowship Court. Highsteppe City's only teleport pillar is located here, which can also be a target location for a runemage's teleport spell. This makes this place a great spot to meet other players that come back from their adventures.

Nine spell pillars are located here, showing a wide variety of spells for new runemages to learn.

Fellowship Chest

The main room of Fellowship Hall.

This chest provides a shared storage space for all members of a fellowship. Officers can access a log of all withdrawals and deposits.

Dummy Room

The room contains three small scarecrow-type dummies and two boss dummies, and provides an place for members of a fellowship to test equipment and practice combat together.

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