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Fish are alchemy ingredients that can be obtained by fishing at the various lakes and rivers of the overworld.

Every fish needs a special lure with some required lure parts, and some optional parts that increase the bite rate.

List of Fish

Common Fish

Common fish are available to catch at their locations at all times. They have one required lure component, and two optional components that increase their bite rate.

Legendary Fish

Legendary fish only spawn at certain times and under certain weather conditions. Their preferred lure has two or more required components. These fish fight back a lot more, and while a high strength stat isn't required, it helps a lot with reeling these fish in.

The availability patterns for Blimp Fish, Frosted Perch, Kylakin Fish and Jelmiry repeat every 24 real-time hours. The pattern of the Flounder spans five days before it repeats.

The Da Magestic Flounder will scare away any Blimp Fish and Kylakin Fish that are available in the same location if the weather is sunny, making these fish temporarily unavailable there.


The following table summarizes the fish available in each fishing zone. For the legendary fish, keep in mind the weather and their spawn times.

  • ✓: Fish is available, and there is a lure that will only attract this species.
  • o: Fish is available, but its lure will also attract fish of other species.
Common Fish Legendary Fish
Fish-axolotl.png Fish-cloak.png Fish-clown.png Fish-shark.png Fish-bass.png Fish-catfish.png Fish-minnow.png Fish-phoenix.png Fish-ridgeback.png Fish-eel.png Fish-snail.png Fish-sun.png Fish-perch.png Fish-blimp.png Fish-jelmiry.png Fish-kylakin.png Fish-flounder.png
HS bottom o o o o
HS top
RF west o o
RF east o o o
RF hut o
RF camp o o o
HB north o o o
HB south o
WL eye (l)
WL eye (r) o
WL mouth (l) o
WL mouth (r)
FI west
FI north o
FI south o
FI center
FI pond
FI lake
FI river


Icon Name Possible Locations Lure Parts
Tinkering Blueprint.png Orb Mount Blueprint Everywhere Bloody Flesh
Eye Worm
Large Minnow

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