Fishing Pole

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Fishing Pole
Beginner Rod.png
Type Tool
Weight 0
Tradable no

The Fishing Pole is a tool in OrbusVR that is needed for Fishing.

A few cosmetic variants are available, but they do not have any effect on bite rate.


→ Main Page: Fishing

Fishing poles are used to catch fish. A lure needs to be equipped in the second tool slot.

Hold trigger and release it during a swinging motion to cast the line. Hook a fish by suddenly pulling on the line, and reel in the fish with the crank. Make sure your line doesn't snap by letting go for a few seconds before the fishing line turns fully red.


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Icon Name Source
Beginner Rod.png Beginner Rod
  • Chef Lethrow
Fishing Rod 2
  • Chef Lethrow
Forged Rod.png Forged Rod
  • Chef Lethrow
Fishing Rod 4
  • Chef Lethrow (Reputation 8)
Bone Spur Rod.png Bone Spur Rod
  • Forsaken Isle: Kill monsters
Wonderful Rod.png Wonderful Rod
  • Long Term Mission: Legendary Fish
Abstract Rod.png Abstract Fishing Rod
  • Long Term Mission: 75.000 lbs of fish

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