Gods of Chaos

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"There are places out there, in the dark. And in the dark the Great Ones of Chaos slither and writhe, twisting in their eternal slumber beneath the cosmic sky."

The Gods of Chaos are powerful entities residing in the void between dimensions. Not much is known about these creatures, other than their abilities to create their own astral pockets and dimensions, and to give knowledge about the nature of the universe.

Chaos Essence

Crystallized Essence in the Lamavora Mines.

The Gods of Chaos radiate an essence of pure chaos, which can be harvested and used as a potent power source. It tends to crystallize in caves, and forms large, glowing crystals in places like Crystal Cave or the abandoned mine in the Wastelands. A bright magenta color is associated with chaos essence, and many things that run on essence also radiate the same purplish glow. Machines and tools that run on Essence power include the Lighthouse in Hulthine's Basin, the Citadel, and the weapons the player uses.

Essence, especially in its raw form, is very toxic, and can irreversibly poison entire water sources, cause severe mutations and cognitive deterioration. The radiation that spilled into Taella-Oso heavily shaped the landscape, flora and fauna of Patreayl.

  • The Wastelands are especially contaminated by the essence. The area is mostly barren and rocky, with the gargantuan Old Growth tree being the only familiar-looking plant around here, its roots reaching deep enough to tap into the uncontaminated ground water. The toads living here show large, cancerous growths on their backs, and the once furred skunks are now completely naked and only possess a single, large eye and no tail. The water even took on a bright pink color from the heavy contamination.
  • Scavs are humans who refused to take shelter in Highsteppe when Nodenghast was summoned to Taella-Oso. The mutations caused by the essence radiation caused them to gain increased strength and body size. The Scav Giant was exposed to an especially high dose of radiation, and mutated even further than the usual Scav. Even though some consider them to be essentially monsters, they retain a large part of their intelligence.
  • The miners working in the Lamavora Mines exhibit various signs of essence radiation poisoning - the Old Builder, who had been working in the mines, shows very noticable signs of mental decay, and one of the miners tells the player that skin contact with the crystals can cause severe mutations like the growth of extra limbs.
  • The water in the Flooded Rainforest has been contaminated by the essence radiation seeping in from the Wastelands, and causes people that drink it to fall ill with Blistering Fever. According to the Scavs, it has a "funny" taste to it. As there is currently no way for the people living at the camp to decontaminate the water, a well had to be dug to reach the uncontaminated ground water.

Known Gods of Chaos


The mother of all gods of chaos. She dwells in a timeless castle, or may also be the castle itself, and is able to fulfill any wish and grant knowledge of the nature of the universe, in exchange for servitude.

Nodenghast was summoned to Patreayl by Sephotep, using the Citadel, which caused large parts of the country's landscape change drastically.


The goddess of Taella-Oso, and a goddess of order, peace and creativity.

When her brother Ba'al made Taella-Bruha, she placed a veil between the both worlds to protect her creation from the darkness that her brother created.

The Order of Ma'at, a totalitarian religious group that once reigned over Patreayl with an iron fist and exploited the inhabitants, worshipped her, but got overthrown by the Knight's of Patreayl before the beginning of OrbusVR: Reborn. According to the Weird Sisters, Ma'at would have never approved of the Order.

The current Battlegrounds map is a temple dedicated to the goddess.


The god of Taella-Bruha. The lore depicts him as a polar opposite to his sister Ma'at, and his dimension is described as chaotic, filled with horrible creatures, and a world of eternal darkness.


The god of the cosmic ocean. The Cove dungeon is located in K'tula's realm.


The god of the Astral Plane, and protector of travellers.


The goddess of the Forests of Zantheron.

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