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Fireball spells are damaging spells without any additional effects.

If using the Affinity talent, Fireball spells give a buff that increases the damage of the next spell released from the wand. With the True Affliction talent, Fireball spells apply a damage over time effect that does not stack, and can be spread to nearby enemies with Arcane Explosion.


Fireball rune

The weakest Fireball spell creates a small fire projectile that deals damage to a single enemy. The spell travels faster than average, giving it a bigger range.


Shortcut Shortcut Name Gif/Video Creator
Bolt Fire1-bolt-casting.gif ?
b Fire1-b-casting.gif ?

Greater Fireball

Greater Fireball rune

Greater Fireball creates a fire projectile that deals damage to a single enemy.

This spell is the main attack spell of most Mages. While it does less damage than Fireball 3 per spell, it outshines the more powerful spell in damage per second due to how fast some of its shortcuts are to draw.


Shortcut Shortcut Name Gif/Video Creator
B Fire2-b-casting.gif ?
D Fire2-D-casting.gif ?
Paperclip Fire2-paperclip-casting.gif kingme
Pretzel Fire2-pretzel-casting.gif Bucky

Fireball 3

Fireball 3 rune

This is the most powerful spell in the game in terms of single hit damage - only the DoT of Greater Affliction deals more damage. Sadly, it takes quite long to draw this spell, so it is usually more efficient to use multiple Greater Fireballs instead.

The Fireball 3 projectile travels slower than most spells, limiting its range.

Like the high-level Pushback and Frostbolt spells, Fireball 3 has a 3D component to it.


Any Greater Fireball shortcut can be used instead of the middle "B" part of this spell. Some shortcuts exist that simplify the spell further:

Shortcut Shortcut Name Gif/Video Creator
Single-Stroke D Fire3-D-onestroke-casting.gif Talemnar
Talemnar's Fire 3 Fire3-talemnar-onestroke-casting.gif Talemnar
Fire3 noellia.png
Double Loop Prototype Fire 3 noellia casting.gif Noellia
Fire3 double loop.png
Double Loop Fire 3 double loop casting.gif Noellia

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