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Frostbolt spells deal damage and apply a slow effect, the potency of which depends on the spell performed.

If using the Affinity talent, Frostbolt spells give a buff that increases the duration of the next DoT placed on an enemy.

Frostbolt[edit | hide | hide all]

Frostbolt rune

The weakest Frostbolt spell creates a small ice projectile that deals damage to a single enemy and applies a weak slow effect. The spell travels faster than average, giving it a bigger range.

Generally, this spell is not very useful, as the slow effect is barely noticable and the weakest Fireball spell has the same range while dealing more damage.

Shortcuts[edit | hide]

Greater Frostbolt[edit | hide]

Greater Frostbolt rune

Greater Frostbolt creates an ice projectile that deals damage to a single enemy and applies a moderate slow effect.

This spell is one of the easiest spells to draw, and, while weaker than the Fireball spell, can serve as the main damage spell in early game.

Shortcuts[edit | hide]

Shortcut Shortcut Name Gif/Video
P Frost2-P-casting.gif
Candy Cane Frost2-candycane-casting.gif

Frostbolt 3[edit | hide]

Frostbolt 3 rune

Creates a large ice projectile that deals damage to a single enemy and applies a powerful slow effect. The spell travels slower than average, limiting its range.

Frost 3 has one of the most powerful slows in the game and is very useful on bosses that require a lot of movement.

Like the high-level Pushback and Fireball spells, Frostbolt 3 has a 3D component to it, and is considered one of the trickiest spells to perform.

Shortcuts[edit | hide]

Any Greater Frostbolt shortcut can be used instead of the middle "F" part of this spell.

Shortcut Shortcut Name Gif/Video Creator
P Frost3-p-casting.gif ?
One Stroke Frost3-onestroke-casting.gif ?

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