Grinding Device

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G.R.I.N.D.I.N.G. Device
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Type Tool
Weight 0
Tradable no

The Grinding Device (G.R.I.N.D.I.N.G Device or Grinder Pot) helps with farming for items and experience points, and rewards you with exclusive rare items.

It can be obtained for free by talking to the inventor in the Odds and Ends shop on the lower floor of Highsteppe City.


The Grinding Device

To use it, throw it on the floor, and start to kill enemies. The Grinding Device will start to collect the essence of nearby enemies you kill, indicated by the pink light orb floating into the device. After enough enemies are killed, the device levels up and a chest appears, containing items from the loot table of the monsters you killed, and sometimes special rare items exclusive to the Grinder chest, and you gain a lot of experience points.

The Grinding Device can level up five times, its level is indicated by yellow and pink stripes on its side, and each level requires you to kill stronger enemies for the pink light orbs to appear. When the last level is completed, the Grinding Device resets to level 1.

Orbus Question.png Research: What level do the enemies have to be?
Grinder Level Reward XP Monster Level Example Grinding Spots
1 (0 rings) 2500 Any Any
2 (1 ring) 5000
3 (2 rings) 7500
4 (3 rings) 10000
  • Hidden Garden
  • Crystal Cave
5 (4 rings) 15000 31+
  • Old Growth
  • Forsaken Isle

The Grinding Device can only be used in Overworld zones.


When completing a level, a large chest appears that contains items from the loot table of the monsters you killed during that level, and has a chance to include additional items that are exclusive to the Grinding Device:

  • Cumulus Accent Dye
  • Skater Mount
  • Arcane Mount
  • Sword Teleporter
  • Harvester Scythe
  • Shoulder Kitty Transmog
  • Pot Helm Transmog
  • Expedition Chest Blueprint


  • The expiration date on the bracers from the grinder chest depends on the time the monster was killed, not when the chest was spawned.

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