Guild City Raid (Normal)

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Guild City Raid
Type Raid
Accessible from Flooded Rainforest
Nearby Teleport Demon's Cave

The Ruins of Guild City Raid is a 5-boss 10-player raid in OrbusVR. It can be entered at the door inside of Demon's Cave in the Flooded Rainforest.

There is a hard mode version of this raid, featuring stronger bosses and slightly harder mechanics.


Map of Guild City by Potato

After entering the raid at the entrance in the Flooded Rainforest, you arrive at the point where the path splits in three, with the left path leading to the Clockwork Hunter, and the right path to the Broken Knight. The Pot Tank, the Seamstress and the Valusia Warrior can all be found by taking the middle path.

A gate on the middle path blocks access to the Seamstress and the Valusia Warrior. For each of the first three bosses that have been defeated, a purple crystal spawns in the boss area of the Pot Tank. To open the gate, all three crystals have to be placed on the pedestals, which will trigger a gate-defense-style public event. The crystals have to be defended from groups of Staf enemies. Once the timer runs out, the gate will open, opening the path to the last two bosses. A portal opens up at the graveyard, which teleports you behind the now open gate, serving as a shortcut.

The path south of the graveyard takes you to the City of Highsteppe, to the door you can take from inside the city to enter the hard mode version of this raid.


The bosses in this raid are all spawned in at the beginning, and can technically be completed in any order.

Raid Trash

Several types of Corrupted Knights reside here:

  • Melee: Normal melee-type enemy without any special attacks.
  • Brute: Similar to Scav Knights, with a powerful Smash attack and able to heal themselves.
  • Pistoler: Similar to Pistoler Scavs, able to inflict a Poison DoT or Slow effect.
  • Mage: Similar to Marksman Scavs, able to inflict a Shadow Mark DoT.

These enemies shouldn't pose much of a threat, especially with a full party of 10.

Clockwork Hunter

The first boss, the Clockwork Hunter.

The Clockwork Hunter can be found by taking the left path.


The boss gains buffs if the electricity from the blue beam reaches it, which will increase its damage by 20% each, and can stack up to 10 times.

  • One damage-increasing buff is placed on the boss if the beam touches it.
    • The blue glow of the beam does not give the boss stacks - only the lightning does.
    • Even if only a single bolt reaches the boss, it will gain stacks.
    • The boss can only gain one stack every 2 seconds.
  • The lightning can be blocked by players, but they gain anti-heal debuffs and poison stacks every 2 seconds that will deal noticable damage over time.
    • The stacks refresh every time a new one is applied, which means they won't clear until the player steps out of the beam.
    • If multiple people are standing in the beam at once, it will hit the person who logged into the raid first (out of the people standing in the beam).


  • Lightning Strike: The boss creates a black shield around itself, blocking any damage. It can be broken by dealing enough damage to it. If the shield doesn't break before the cast bar is filled, the boss deals a large amount of damage to the entire party.
  • Chaos Giant minion: Every time the boss creates a shield, a Chaos Giant minion spawns. This enemy only uses normal melee attacks, and has a pink poison pool below it that deals damage to anyone standing inside of it. The pool moves with the minion, grows slowly over time and disappears as soon as the Chaos Giant is killed.

Tips and Strategies

  • Rotate players through the beam often.

Bugs and Technical Notes

  • Occasionally there is a delay in reading a player's position. If you are standing in the beam, sliding a bit in place or teleporting a short distance helps Orbus update your character's position.

Broken Knight

The second boss, the Broken Knight.

The Broken Knight can be found by taking the right path.


Once every 20 seconds, the boss or the adds he spawns start glowing (switches every 20 seconds). If damage is dealt to any of them while they are glowing, the boss gains buffs that increases his damage by 20% (stacks up to 10 times).

  • Only the tank can attack the boss without giving him stacks.


  • Tankbuster: After every 6 normal hits, the Broken Knight attacks with a large swing of his club hand, dealing a large amount of damage. Shield this.
  • Empower: The boss gains a damage-increasing stack. This ability can be interrupted.
  • Waves: Every 20 seconds, one player will start glowing, dealing a bit of damage to them three (?) times, and then creating a shockwave that deals damage to any player it hits. The shockwave can be jumped over.
  • Corrupt Knight minions: 20 seconds after the fight starts and then every 80 seconds, two brute-type Corrupt Knight enemies spawn. These enemies explode on death, dealing damage to the entire party.

Tips and Strategies

  • Use a second tank or a Musketeer to keep the Corrupt Knight minions busy.
  • Stand on the edge of the area and call out your name and position when you glow to warn your teammates.
  • With a skilled tank and enough damage output, it is possible to ignore the boss gaining stacks and burn him before he can kill the tank. Start after one or two glow phases if your party's DPS isn't high enough for a full burn.

Pot Tank

The third boss, the Pot Tank.

The Pot Tank is the first boss on the middle path. After defeating him, an event has to be completed to open the gate and progress further into the city.


After every 30 seconds, the boss retreats into his pot for another 30 seconds, reducing all damage to 1, and stops attacking. During this phase, a lot of attacks and mechanics have to be dealt with.

During the whole fight, small kettles spawn at the edge of the boss area and walk towards the boss. If they reach the Pot Tank, they give him a 5% buff to damage reduction (stacks up to 10 times for a total of 50% damage reduction).


  • Normal attack: Inflicts anti-heal debuffs which decrease incoming healing by 10% each (stacks up to 10 times).
  • Line Attack: While the boss is in his pot, lines of purple orbs sweep over the area, which will inflict a bleed status on every player they hit.
  • Blue Orbs: In addition to the line attacks, blue orbs appear in the sky during down phase, which need to be shot down, or they explode, dealing damage to the entire party.
  • Enrage: After 6 minutes, the Pot Tank will enrage, greatly increasing his damage and movement speed.

Tips and Strategies

  • Even though this boss applies anti-heal stacks, it can be fought with a single tank, as the stacks have time to wear off during the down phase.
  • The kettles don't disappear after the Pot Tank dies - letting a player get hit by the kettle gives them the damage reduction stacks. Try to give these to your tank.

Bugs and Technical Notes

  • Jump over the line attacks very early - due to latency, the game can register players as getting hit by the orbs even if they jumped in time.


The fourth boss, the Seamstress.

The Seamstress is the second boss on the middle path, and the first boss after opening the gate.


The Seamstress periodically spawns two adds, one blue and one yellow, that attack the group. While the adds are spawned, the Seamstress won't attack, and takes reduced damage.

  • The adds need to be killed within a short period of time, or they will resurrect with half health, creating a shockwave.
  • One add needs to be kept near the boss, while the other one has to be away from it, or both of them gain damage-increasing stacks.


  • Fusion: The Seamstress will fuse with any minion that's left, gaining back a large chunk of health and creating shockwaves where the minions stood (first at the position of the yellow add, then the blue one). The shockwaves can be jumped over. This ability can be interrupted with two interrupts.
    • After the boss fuses with the minions, or when the cast bar is interrupted, shockwaves appear on where both adds stood.
  • Mirror: When the boss dances, the positions of the minions need to be switched, or both of the adds will start gaining damage-increasing stacks.

Tips and Strategies

  • With decent DPS you can just ignore the minions and the Fusion mechanic (don't interrupt) and burn the Seamstress for more damage than she can heal. The tank can pull the Seamstress in one corner near the blue wall, while the DPS stands near the fountain on the other side, which will make the minions reset and go back to the boss. The tank can back off during this phase, making it easier to dodge the shockwaves.

Empowered Valusia Warrior

The last boss, the Valusia Warrior.

The Valusia Warrior is the last boss of the Guild City raid, and the third boss on the middle path.


Every 20 seconds, two green circles spawn that deal damage over time to players standing inside of it (damage is shared between all players standing inside of the circles). After 10 seconds, they explode, dealing a large amount of damage to the entire party unless players stand in them to soak damage.


  • Normal attack: Inflicts anti-heal debuffs which decrease incoming healing by 10% each (stacks up to 10 times).
  • Tankbuster: After every five normal hits, the boss attacks with a large swing of its axe, dealing a large amount of damage. Shield this.
  • Lightning Strike: The Valusia Warrior surrounds itself with a red shield and powers up this attack. While the shield is up, the boss takes no damage, and once the attack goes off, every player in the raid takes a large amount of damage, killing most players. Only the player with top aggro (the tank, hopefully) can stop the attack by shooting the boss with the ballista.
  • Minion: When the green circles appear, one of the eggs will break to spawn a small lizard minion that walks up to a random player (except the tank) and hits them. This attack deals enough damage to immediately kill a player.

Tips and Strategies

  • Tank: Wait until the anti-heal stacks wear off before shooting the ballista.
  • One Musketeer and three DPS in each green circle is ideal, but the circles can be dealt with by groups much smaller than that.

Bugs and Technical Notes

  • The ballista darts can sometimes pass through the boss. There is nothing you can do about this.


  • Special Level 30+2 raid equipment, unique to each class
    • Clockwork Hunter: Gloves
    • Broken Knight: Helmet
    • Pot Tank: Chestpiece
    • Seamstress: Shoulders
    • Valusia Warrior: Weapon
  • Tangerine Major Dye
  • Royal Purple Accent Dye
  • Raid Pet (the Valusia Warrior minion) from Seamstress


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