Highsteppe City

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Highsteppe City
Highsteppe City.png
Type Overworld Zone
Accessible from Highsteppe
Teleport Pillars Fellowship Court (Frost2-rune.png Teleport-Y-rune.png)

The City of Highsteppe is the hub city of Patreayl. This is where people socialize, accept and turn in missions, and look for dungeon groups.


Highsteppe City is built on two layers. Buildings on the surface are made out of brick, while the many shops below the city are carved into the rock. Two ramps connect the two layers, one near the player's house and the other near the west city gate. The great Guardian Tree towers over the city and provides protection from the weather, while its roots weave through the ground of the bottom layer.

Points of Interest

Guardian Tree

Between the roots of the Guardian Tree, players can find the entrance to four dungeons: Crypt, Sewer, Airship and Broken Hall. The trunk of the Guardian Tree is hollow and serves as a crossroad, with four bridges connecting it to the ring-shaped main road.

Marlowe, the PvP mission vendor, can be found here, as well as an apprentice smith to repair your broken gear.

Fellowship Court

Fellowship Hall from outside.

→ Main Page: Fellowship Hall

The plaza in front of Fellowship Hall is a popular place for players to meet up, and the teleport pillar provides a quick way to travel anywhere in the overworld. Nine rune pillars can be found here too, giving new runemages a variety of spells to learn.

With a bunch of different rooms, including a training room with a sturdy boss-type training dummy, Fellowship Hall is a place for people of a fellowship to meet up, hang out and test equipment together.

Player House

→ Main Page: Player House

The player house is located in the south-east part of the city. While there is only one building for everyone, each player can enter their own instance of the player house.

Inside, there is a chest for storing items, as well as a cauldron for alchemy, a table for artificing, a terrarium for dragon breeding, a fishing bench for lure crafting, the tinkering work bench, a wardrobe for changing one's gear's appearance, as well as a few dummys to test equipment and practice fighting.

The player house can also be decorated to you liking with furniture and various other items.


The tavern is a place for players to meet up before events, test new equipment together at the training dummies, or challenge Tresus at the Edge of Nowhere.

The Realm Guardian also hangs around here, and will give out long-term missions to high-level players.

Hidden Alley

The dark alley that connects Fellowship Court and the Player House is concealed by an illusion. A careful search near the bushes at Fellowship Court or inside the house of the infusion specialist should reveal the entrance.

Recently, there have been reports of a shady individual selling questionable potions and perception-altering substances. Caution is advised when consuming any items bought in the hidden alley.

Rumors say that ghosts haunt this alley - is it just something a drunk citizen hallucinated on their way home from the tavern, or is there more to it?

Airship Dock

Once up on top of the platform, players can get a breathtaking view of the city.

Lower Highsteppe Shops

  • Auction House
  • Tinkerer Shop
  • Dragon Shoppe: With two entry-level courses, this is the place to start with dragon racing. Players can buy all three types of dragons here, and while their colors are not the brightest, they are a cheap starting point for new dragon breeders. Pet food is also available, as well as special pet treats that help with breeding dragons for a certain color combinations.
  • Market Stalls: The ten market stalls are located in the tunnels below the City of Highsteppe, and provide another place for players to sell items. Permits can be bought on the auction house.
  • Odds and Ends: Odds and Ends sells a variety of different items, including Luck, Mount Speed and XP Bombs, vouchers for the barber to change your character's appearance, and a selection of teleporters. The inventor of the Grinding Device can be found here too, and gives out his invention for free.
  • Dye Shop: Looking for some new colors for your armor? The Dye Shop has you covered.


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