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The Ilysia Kickstarter is live! :)[edit | hide | hide all]

Description[edit | hide]

Ilysia is a VR exclusive MMORPG coming to PC VR, Oculus Quest, and PlayStation VR.

Players will travel along side one another as they quest and explore a multitude of unique areas. Each area contains area bosses, dungeons, caves, and large outdoor cities, all waiting to be explored. Ilysia allows players to explore each area without limits, player will be able to climb rocks and trees, as well as explore caves systems through free-climbing and spelunking. While exploring, players will discover secrets and treasures distinctive to each area, these treasures will include unique armors, weapons, and items that the player can then use or sell. ~ Ilysia

Status[edit | hide]

We are currently in pre-alpha. Since we started pre-alpha, we have added:

  • velocity-based melee combat
  • magic attacks that damage enemies
  • improved networked climbing (though still needs even more improving)
  • improved inventory system
  • improved avatars and avatar IK
  • working airships and improving on the ability to climb while the airship is moving
  • swimming
  • improved terrain meshes that allow for farther view distance on the Oculus Quest (and still improving the terrain to allow for even further view distance)
  • improved ground clutter and foliage for trees (allowing more to be on screen at once on Quest)
  • we have now modelled and mapped about a hundred unique weapons and are adding more every day

New this week (Aug 8):

  • Simple NPC and NPC interaction has been added to the build, a dozen or so NPCs have been added to various locations across Va'Taukaya (Starting Island)
  • Simple player leveling added to the build, kill an enemy and you gain experience, once you level, you gain more Health Points
  • Player death and respawn added, when a player dies, they respawn at a cemetery outside Hamlet (The Town)
  • Two new weapons added to the weapon tables

~ Ilysia Devs

Dev Team[edit | hide]

Creative Director: Arthur Fogle

Technical Director: Xander Fogle

3D Modeler/Animator: Geoffrey Fogle

Composer/Sound Design: Justin Jet Zorbas

Business Director: Tyler Washburn

Team21 Programmer: Joe Strout

Work flow: Droost

Assistant: Katiemule Lore

Archipelagao: Leo