Ilysia Spell Casting

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While in-game, you'll be able to cast different spells by resorting to different gestures using your arms and hands!

Ilysia's pre-Alpha spell system is controlled by 4 variables:

1) Mana - this is represented by the blue number on your right forearm. Every spell requires 30mana to activate

2) Arm Position - each spell has different and unique gestures

3) Hand Position - whether your hand is open or closed is also a requirement of the gestures

4) Hand Direction - the direction your hand is facing is a vital element that is often overlooked. It is just as important as the Hand Position

Below is a list of the currently available abilities and instructions on how to cast them. ~ Illysia



Shoots an arcane missile that damages your target.

Squeeze your grip button, point out your index finger and shake your hand up and down. Once a targeting beam appears, press the trigger to shoot bolts.


Hold your left trigger with your hand out to the side to make a fist, facing down, then pull it in towards your chest. A shield should appear on your arm.


Make a fist in front of you with your palm facing in, then thrust it up at the sky and hold a moment.


Make a fist up high with your palm facing you, then pull it down in front of you. A green whirlwind will dance around you.


Creates an AOE that damages your targets.

Start with two fists up high with your palms facing each other, then thrust them down towards the ground. Ice spikes should raise from the ground.


Creates a small AOE that damages targets within your physical melee range.

Start with arms crossed over your chest, hands in fists. Then lift them up into a "Y" and open your hands. A cloudy storm will appear above you.

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