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The Interactive Map is a complete map of all areas in OrbusVR, made by Potâto. It shows the locations of overworld resources, quest items, monsters, and many more.

The map is a program that runs in its own window on a Windows PC, it does not directly interact with OrbusVR in any way.


Hulthine's Basin with resource spawn locations.

The program includes maps for the overworld zones and all dungeons and raids.

The following things can be shown on the map, and can be toggled on or off to preference:

  • Player position (PCVR/linked only)
  • Zone and location names
  • Teleport Pillars and graveyards
  • Spell rune pillars and journal pages
  • Dragon Races and Public Events
  • Treasure Map locations (including treasure map picture)
  • NPC locations
  • Quest items and lore books
  • Critter spawn areas
  • Spawn locations of Harvestables (plants, mushrooms and minerals)
  • Fish spawn locations (including their lures and spawn times for legendary fish)
  • Spawn locations of all enemies (including in dungeons)
  • PvP safe zones, Trickster Goblin spawn countdown.
  • Server boosts

Player Position and Pathfinding

Every time you grab your compass a red dot will be moved to your player location on the map. You can also set a waypoint anywhere on the map and a path will be drawn along the shortest route between your last updated position and the waypoint.

You can also set your own starting point to get the shortest path from somewhere other than your current location.

Public Event and Legendary Fish Tracker

Public events on the map have a circle behind them indicating what color the beam in-game is, as well as a grey circle that appears about 5 min before it goes to green. If you look at the tooltip of any event it shows how long until the event starts or how much time is left of the event if it’s already started.

The legendary fish will update automatically to show if they are active or not. Most of the time they’ll be transparent, but then switch to fully visible when they can be active. However, just because the fish is showing as active on the map does not always mean they are active in game as all of them have weather requirements that can’t be tracked. The different requirements for each fish is stated in the fish’s tooltip.

Static Map Tool

The static map tool allows you to make static maps yourself with whatever you want on them. The tool lets you create lists with all the items on the map and text telling you what they are. These lists can be moved around to wherever you see fit and snap into place.

Potâto also made some awesome static maps that can be downloaded here.

Download and Installation

The progam uses a launcher to automatically update itself. You can download the launcher here:

Need Help?

For help and demo videos, join the Interactive Map discord here.

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