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The Player Journal contains maps, information about active quests, a summary of the abilities of the player's current class, alchemy recipes, spell runes, and also tracks the largest fish the player has caught so far. It can be opened anywhere by pointing the top of the compass towards the ground.

Some pages have to be unlocked by finding scrolls and spell pillars in the overworld.

Collectable Pages

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Alchemy Recipes

Recipe pages contain alchemy recipes for crafting potions, tiles, and other things. All these pages are acquired by picking up scrolls in Highsteppe City and various places of the overworld.


Page Location
Healing Potion Available from the beginning
Enhanced Healing Potion Wastelands, Scav Village
Enhanced Healing Potion (5x) Basin, Warrior's Hand
Potions of Boosting (5x) Highsteppe City, Library
Potions of Boosting (10x) Highsteppe City, Library
Enhanced Potions of Boosting Wastelands, Downed Airship
Enhanced Potions of Boosting (5x) Basin, Warrior's Hand
Enhanced Potions of Boosting (10x) Lamavora, Crystal Cave
Empowered Strikes Potion Highsteppe, Underpass
Empowered Strikes Potion (5x) Highsteppe, near the Mouse Trap Dragon Race
Empowered Strikes Potion (10x) Highsteppe City, Library
Enhanced Strikes Potion Wastelands, Scav's Den
Enhanced Strikes Potion (5x) Basin, Warrior's Hand
Enhanced Strikes Potion (10x) Lamavora, Crystal Cave
Luck Potion Highsteppe, Underpass
Luck Potion (5x) Wastelands, Downed Airship
Luck Potion (10x) Highsteppe City, Library
Speed Potion Highsteppe City, near Darius
Super Charger Potion Highsteppe City, near Pierre Cenn
Drink of the Ithecac Highsteppe City, near Pierre Cenn
Masked Scent Potion Highsteppe City, near Pierre Cenn
Pack Mule Potion Highsteppe City, near Pierre Cenn
Fish Scent Attractor Highsteppe City, Library
Potion of Runic Sight Highsteppe City, Library
Giant Growth Potion Rainforest, Demon's Cave

Other Alchemy Recipes

Page Location
Metal Cog Finish the Tinkering tutorial in the Player House
Dye Recipes Highsteppe City, Dye Shop
Tile Recipes Lamavora, Knight's Fort
Tile Recipes Lamavora, Crystal Cave
Tile Recipes Basin, Port Leisha


Spell pages contain the runes a runemage needs to draw to cast spells. These pages can be picked up by holding the journal up to the corresponding spell pillar.

Spell Effect Location
Fireball Damage Highsteppe, Fellowship Court
Greater Fireball Damage Highsteppe City, Fellowship Court
Frostbolt Damage, Slow Highsteppe City, Fellowship Court
Greater Frostbolt Damage, Slow Highsteppe City, Fellowship Court
Pushback Knockback, Stun Highsteppe City, Fellowship Court
Ice Lance Damage, AoE Highsteppe City, Fellowship Court
Arcane Ray Damage, AoE Highsteppe, Underpass
Arcane Explosion Damage, AoE Lamavora, near the Admino Statue
Decurse Remove Status Highsteppe City, Fellowship Court
Teleportation Ritual Summon Teleport Highsteppe City, Dragon Shoppe
Resurrection Ritual Resurrect dead player Highsteppe City, Library
Light Illuminate Highsteppe, Sarrow's Cave
Polymorph Turns enemy into a chicken Rainforest, Cut Throat Cave
Fireworks Cosmetic Lamavora, near the Let Loose Dragon Race
Affliction Damage over time Highsteppe City, Fellowship Court
Greater Affliction Damage over time Rainforest, near Obnobi Camp
Mana Shield Damage mitigation Highsteppe City, Fellowship Court


→ Main Page: Fish

The fish pages show a picture and a short lore text for each fish and also track the largest fish you caught for every type. To unlock them, catch at least one fish of the corresponding type.

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