K'tula's Cove

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K'tula's Cove
Kthula's Cove.png
Type Dungeon
Accessible from Flooded Rainforest
Nearby Teleport Wagon Graveyard

K'tula's Cove is a dungeon in OrbusVR. The entrance portal is located in the Flooded Rainforest near the hut of the Weird Sisters.



Add Groups

  • Scyllaman: A tentacle with a ranged projectile attack that also applies a poison DoT. Can also attack with melee attacks when close. Its projectiles can be blocked by a Warrior's shield. These enemies will never move.
  • Squipee: A purple octopus enemy able to shoot two Chaos Bolts in quick succession, and create ink clouds, similar to the ranger's darkness arrow (this can be interrupted). The projectiles apply poison DoTs.
  • Chaos Bat: A blue blob with a single eye, tentacles and bat wings. Their second attack, a bright green breath attack, does a lot of damage, but can be dodged (comparable to the Stafrute's or Scav Knight's Smash attack). Once they die they teleport to a random person and use a Splat attack, exploding and dealing a lot of damage.
  • Chaos Frod: Elite Chaos Frods spawn another non-elite Chaos Frod (Dupe, can be interrupted). The non-elite Frods won't disappear even when leashed, but won't dupe further.
  • Chaos Claw: Melee-type enemy that can pin a person in place with their Thorns attack (can be interrupted, and the Thorns debuff can be decursed). The Chaos Claw can retreat into the ground, and become invulnerable until they resurface.

Water Wyvern

The Water Wyvern.

Escaped from the fighting arenas of the Rattigard realm, the Wyvern came to K'tula's Cove looking for peace – but it doesn't take much to stir the rage of this former fighter.


The Water Wyvern does not have a melee attack and only uses its ranged abilities.

After its health drops down to less than 30%, it will only use Soul Suck and meteors.


  • Crystal Flame: Fires a fast red projectile at a random player (can be dodged if timed well). The projectile applies a (decurse-able) DoT that ticks once almost immediately for enough damage to kill instantly.
    • The projectile can be blocked by a Warrior's shield, but it will most likely immediately break it.
  • Void Bubbles: A cloud of black floating bubbles appears. The orbs can be destroyed by any damaging attack and apply a poison stack to the player who popped them.
  • Meteors: The boss spits a single rock that homes in on a random player. It can be shot down with damaging attacks. A meteor attack is used once every two "actions".
  • Chaos Warp: the Water Wyvern spawns a Tear Brute, and teleports three times, each time sending out a wave of tornadoes that inflict Frost DoTs (like the ones from Napur of the Citadel Raid).
  • Soul Suck: Deals a lot of damage to the entire party and and heals the boss, unless interrupted three times. The only ability the Wyvern uses after his health drops to below 30%.

Tipps and Strategies

  • The Crystal Flame attack can't hit if you're standing very close to the boss.

King Kar'Nos

King Kar'Nos.

Delve a little further into the cove and you'll stumble across the lair of the second boss, King Kar'Nos: a crabby crustacean with a penchant for destruction that's as sharp as his pinchers.


Two tentacles at the edge of the boss area slam down on the ground periodically (every 15-20 seconds), starting at 50% and 25% boss health respectively, creating a shockwave that can be jumped over with a well-timed teleport.

  • Tentacles take no damage when attacked and cannot be killed.


  • Shell Twist: Retreats in his shell (becoming invincible) and spins around, firing purple projectiles that deal damage and inflict Poison DoTs at random players.
  • Bubbles: During Shell Twist, five blue bubbles shoot out from the boss in various directions, which apply a bubble status effect on players that get hit by them.
    • Players need to get hit by a bubble and gain the affect to be able to survive the Chaos Splash.
    • The directions the bubbles shoot are dependant on what direction the boss was facing when he retreated into his shell.
    • The bubble effect protects players from almost all damage, the only exception is the Tentacles Shockwaves.
  • Chaos Splash: Kills everyone (that is not protected by the bubble status effect from the Shell Twist bubbles.)
    • A Musketeer's turret will be destroyed by Chaos Splash.

Tips and Strategies

  • A Musketeer turret can block the bubbles. Make sure it isn't near the boss or very high up.
  • Dead people also block the bubbles. Move the boss if someone died next to it.
  • Paladins can use their offhand shield to survive the Chaos Splash even without taking a bubble.
  • Kiting the boss around can extend the time between bubble phases.
  • You'll get out of combat as soon as the boss dies, but the shard dungeon chest only spawns after he finishes his quite long death animation. You can even switch classes after he died to get gear for a different class without having to save a group of adds.

Further Notes

  • The shard affix Fatigued will not generate on level 10 and higher Cove shards.
  • If you level up while inside of this dungeon, the armor from the Large Reward Cache will also be from the Laguz set.


  • King Kar'Nos pet: As a drop from both bosses
  • Laguz armor sets (cloth, leather and plate variants): From boss chests, normal as well as all shard levels, and from Large Reward Caches from leveling up while inside of the dungeon
  • Chaos Bat pet: Drop from trash groups and bosses


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