Lamavora Battlefields

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Lamavora Battlefields
Type Overworld Zone
Accessible from Highsteppe
Hulthine's Basin
Teleport Pillars Vulcan's Point ( )
Crystal Cave
Knight's Fort

Lamavora Battlefields is an overworld area in OrbusVR.

Points of Interest

Mining Camp

Corthu requires assistance building his mining camp, but the more you build it up the more you realize it is not what it appears to be…


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Crystal Cave

The strange, glowing crystals inside the caves of Lamavora can absorb the Essence radiation around the realm. Collected and ground into dust, they are used as a power source. But the crystal's strange glow attract powerful Tear monsters, which makes it difficult for the miners at the Lamavora Mining Camp to collect the crystals.

This cave also contains large amounts of Obsidian and Linstanium ore used for artificing.

Broken Castle

A piece of the mother of chaos, Nodenghast, has fallen onto the fields of Lamavora. It appears to be attracting the creatures of chaos for an unknown reason, but whatever the reason is, it can’t be good.

In this public event you will be tasked with defending the broken castle piece from waves of tear minions and brutes. Stay in the circle, and keep all enemies out of it to get progress.

Knight's Fort

Admino Statue


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