Legendary Overworld and Shard Drops

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Legendary World Drops are extremely rare items that can be obtained by killing enemies in the overworld or shard dungeons.

All these items are either transmogs that are tradable until broken down, or pets that come in a tradable crate.

Drop Chance

The legendaries are super rare, and you can only get a chance once every minute, which makes it hard/impossible to farm for.

Every 60 seconds if you are doing overworld/shard content there is a hidden roll. If you hit on it then the next overworld/shard mob you kill will have the drop. So as long as you are killing something at least once per minute, you are getting the chance to get it.

The drop chance of overworld legendaries and shard legendaries is the same.

List of World Drops


These items have a very low chance to drop from overworld enemies and unshared dungeons (anything that isn't a shard or a raid).

Icon Name Type
Orbus-Halo.png Halo Transmog (Head)
Orbus-Cat-Ears.png Cat Ears Transmog (Head)
Orbus-Angel-Wings.png Angel Wings Transmog (Shoulders)
Orbus-Demon-Wings.png Demon Wings Transmog (Shoulders)
Elongata Pet.png Elongata Pet Pet (crated)

Shard Dungeons

These items have a very low chance to drop from any enemy in shard dungeons.

Icon Name Type
Orbus-Demon-Horns.png Demon Horns Transmog (Head)
Orbus-Dragonfly-Wings.png Dragonfly Wings Transmog (Shoulders)
Orbus-Squirrel-Tail.png Squirrel Tail Transmog (Shoulders)
Cat Pet.png Alley Cat Pet (crated)
Raven Pet.png Raven Pet (crated)

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