Main Story Quest

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The Main Story Quest is started by talking to the leader of the Explorer's Guild outside the gates of Highsteppe.

Making Camp

Collect Wood
  • Gather 8 bundles of wood
Highsteppe Gopher
  • Gather box of nails
I got the time! (optional)
  • Slay 15 Cave Dwellers
  • Collect 500 Dram
  • Slay 7 Enraged Scav Knights
  • Slay 8 Sniper Scavs
  • Slay 15 Bucket Scavs
Who's coming for dinner?
  • Slay 8 King Stag
  • Slay 6 Fawn

The leader of the Explorer's Guild tells you that Horne is trying to rebuild civilization out in the Flooded Rainforest, and asks you to assist him with building his village.

The Rainforest is completely overrun by not only Staf monsters - animals and plants that mutated into monsters - but also Scavs, humans that didn't retreat to Highsteppe and got twisted by Essence radiation and now live off of scavenging the remaining ruins and stealing from people that are trying to traverse the Rainforest. Even though you try to be as careful as possible, they are able to jump you a few times. Still, you manage to fight them off and get to the village near the entrance to the wastelands relatively unscathed. Well - the leader of the Explorer's Guild said "village", but you can't see a single fully-built house.

Talking to Ambassador Horne, he tells you that they are running out of wood needed to work on their buildings. Quite a few bundles of wood are missing from the last shipment - they most likely dropped from the wagon on its way here.

(... I'm missing some dialogue here - adding the parts from Highsteppe Gopher up to Outliers later)

Returning to the camp, you see that the workers managed to finish a few of the houses already. Looks like it actually helped, keeping the Scavs busy for a while. Ambassador Horne thanks you for fending them off - while not as bloodlusty as others, the Ungali faction is still one of the more vicious Scav factions, and still a handful to deal with. Even though they are only on peaceful terms with the Otep faction so far, it's a start.

Now that the first buildings are complete, the ambassador of the Otep faction will arrive soon. To help earn the trust of the usually chronically undernourished Scavs, you travel back to the area near Highsteppe to hunt - stags and deer can't live in the heavily irradiated wastelands, and venison is hard to come by for the Scavs living there. Taking the meat back to the village, the excited Horne thanks you for your help with the camp. He now has a lot of planning to do if he wants to establish trade with the Scavs, and asks you to return to your league leader in the meantime. As you don't really want to stay for politics anyway, you make your way back to Highsteppe.

Word Spreads

Talking to the League Leader, it seems like he didn't really expect you to be able to finish this task, and thought you'd run off instead. Slightly offended, you tell him that the ambassador village is doing well, and ask for the reward he promised. To your surprise, he offers you the position of the leader of the Explorer's League! Caught a little off-guard, you ask why he didn't choose Helga - she seems like a better fit than you. But he just says that a lot has changed in the past 20 years, and you make a mental note to ask her about what happened later.

It seems like the word of the success of the rainforest camp has spread, and two new camps have sprung up - a mining camp next to the Essence Cave in Lamavora, and a trading port in Hulthine's Basin. Both of them require help from the league.

Mining Camp

The mining camp in Lamavora is mining essence crystals from the nearby cave to be used as a power source.

  • Miner Gear: Corthu needs you to locate some equipment for the mine. The Essence Miner told you that the essence grinder is broken and a replacement gear is needed, but the spare parts have been stolen by the scavs.
    • Scav Trader: The Scav Trader from the Otep Faction in the Flooded Rainforest is willing to trade the replacement gear for some food.
  • Wild Frontier: Corthu asks you to protect the camp by clearing some of the tear monsters near the camp.
  • Fortifications: Collect Runemage Reagents for the procection spell that helps keep the mining camp safe.
  • Port Ahoy!: New mining equipment will increase the production of the miners. Speak to shipping master at Port Leisha to get pickaxes from the Ottathamine empire.
    • Good Powder: The shipping master thinks some Essence Dust will get his contact interested. Ask the Essence miner for some.
      • Rocks 'n' Roll: Help out the Miner with her work and collect some Cryejil and Knight's Tear ores in exchange for the essence dust.

Port Leisha

Leta Lotwell wants to grow Port Leisha into a trading outpost to re-establish trade with the other empires.

  • Lost Builder: Leta wants to build a crane, but the person who can come up with the blueprints is nowhere to be found. Track down the old builder for the crane blueprints.
  • Headed Home: Highsteppe was built with anything the townspeople could scavenge, maybe you can find parts for the crane in the city. Leta needs a long rope, a big hook, a large gear, and a smith's hammer.
  • The Wastelands: Collect sample resources from wastelands for Leta to show them to potential trading partners.
  • Smith's Apprentice: Collect ores for the soon-to-arrive Apprentice Smith in the caves of the Flooded Rainforest.

Back to Basics

The ambassador camp requires more assistance - the Scavs are getting sick, and Horne thinks it has something to do with the water.

  • Poisoned Water Hole: There's something wrong with the water in the rainforest. Get a water sample from the scav trader and bring it to Lavera, one of the Traveling Companions of Science, and get it tested for essence radiation.
    • Missing Treasures: Lavera won't test the water sample until you bring him a relic rumored to be located near Warrior's Hand in Hulthine's Basin. Find the artifact and bring it back to Lavera.
  • Stone Cutter: Help collect the materials for the well - find clean rocks near the Admino Statue in Lamavora and ask for a rope at the Mining Camp.
  • Healing the Scavs: The scavs are still sick from the contaminated water and it's not getting better. Help out with some healing potions. (Unlocks Side Quest "Shaman Slayer")

Camp Spy

Helga thinks there's something shady going on at the mining camp in Lamavora, and asks you to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

  • Trade Agreement: The shipping master's contact finally got back to him with a list of all the goods needed. Collect items for the trade deal from his list to get the pickaxes for the mining camp.
  • Power of Persuasion: Corthu says he needs radiation serum for when his project is complete. Ask the airship captain if he has some left.
    • World Apothecary: Collect potions and dram to trade for serum.
  • Tomb Raider: Corthu wants you to search the recently discovered Esasa Lab for a tool to magnify the power of the Essence Crystals.
  • Blade of Truth: Corthu wants you to find the Blade of Chaos so they can open a new portal to Taella Bruha, but after a conversation with Helga you decide to collect the blade parts yourself and keep them safe.

Dock Hand

Trade is going well, the first shipments are coming in, which means that there's even more help needed at Port Leisha.

  • Defend the Road: Scavs are blocking the road to the port. Clear the hordes near Vulcan's Point so the first shipment to Parathime goes through without a hitch.
  • Stockpile Stores: Octavian Sentra, a dye trader from the Ottathamine empire, wants to set up a shop in Port Leisha, but he asks for large amount of basic ingredients for when he arrives. Collect the ore, fish and herbs on the list.
  • Bear Necessities: The dye trader wants a few pelts of bear fur for his home. Kill a few bears and cubs in the Wastelands.
  • Rebuild the Guilds: It is time to organize and unite Patreayl's merchants and craftsmen. Visit them and see if they would be willing to restart the guild.

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