Marlowe the Grey

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Marlowe the Grey.

Marlowe the Grey is a mission vendor NPC and gives out missions related to PvP and the Battlegrounds, as well as a quest line.

Quest Line

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Level Missions
Level Completion Description
5 Compete in Battlegrounds Marlowe is a mysterious person, whose favor can only be gained by those who compete.
8 Kill opponents Killing enemies in the Battlegrounds is one way to increase fame.
10 Compete in Battlegrounds Those starting to become well-known among Battleground watchers would do well to return once more and defeat enemies to further increase their fame.
11 Compete in Battlegrounds A common saying in Highsteppe, "Wisdom is gained through both victory and defeat." Gain wisdom.
12 Win Battlegrounds Another common saying, "Only a fool accepts defeat willingly." Winning is all that matters.
13 Earn Honor Points Honor points can be earned only by defeating one's foes.
14 Capture flags Marlowe insists that fighting inside the Battlegrounds makes stronger fighters, but teamwork is what will create the kinship that is needed to defeat the Citadel. Capture flags to earn points and complete this mission.
15 Win Battlegrounds There must be victory! Win rounds of Battlegrounds to complete this mission.
16 Compete in Battlegrounds Experience is only gained by staying for the entire battle, win or lose.
17 Earn Honor Points Fame can be gained in the Battleground.
18 Kill opponents The opponents competing inside the arena are only after one thing: Victory! Kill opponents inside the Battleground to complete this mission.
19 Kill opponents Choose to train. Return to the Battlegrounds and gain skill. Kill your opponents inside the battlegrounds to complete this mission.
20 Compete in Battlegrounds The Battlegrounds call again for worthy opponents to enter. Who will answer?
21 Kill opponents Opponent kills are the way to victory today.
22 Capture flags There are only a few flags to capture inside the Battlegrounds, find them and take them! Capture the flags and earn points to complete this mission.
23 Kill opponents At what point does the death of an opponent become sport?
24 Compete in Battlegrounds "Intelligence and strength may serve you well, but wisdom is the greatest prize of all."
25 Win Battlegrounds Only through victory can we advance.
26 Compete in Battlegrounds Winning is the only thing that matters, but sometimes losing counts too.
27 Capture flags There are only a few flags to capture inside the Battlegrounds, find them and take them as your own! Capture the flags and earn points to complete this mission.
28 Compete in Battlegrounds The only way to get better is to compete! The game doesn't count until the Battleground is complete. Play rounds of Battlegrounds to complete this mission.
29 Kill opponents The end of a journey. Celebrate by defeating the unworthy.


Icon Name Reputation Price
Orbus-Strength-Potion.png Strength Potion 1 500 Dram
Battlegrounds-Gloves.png Battlegrounds Gloves 4 4,000 Dram
PvPRep4Cape.png PvP Rep 4 Cape 4 1,000 Dram
Battlegrounds-Shoulders.png Battlegrounds Shoulders 5 5,000 Dram
MidnightBluePrim.png Midnight Blue Major Dye 6 6,000 Dram
Battlegrounds-Hat.png Battlegrounds Helmet 6 6,000 Dram
Battlegrounds-Chest.png Battlegrounds Chest 7 7,000 Dram
Shield Mount.png Shield Mount 8 8,000 Dram
PvPRep8Cape.png PvP Rep 8 Cape 8 1,000 Dram

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