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The mission page in your player menu.

Repeatable missions can be accepted at the mission vendors in Highsteppe City and can be completed for a Reward Cache and experience points. They can be viewed in the player menu under the "Missions" tab, where you can read their description and completion status.

Missions can be completed to either Bronze, Silver, or Gold status, with higher completion levels being rewarded with more dram and experience when turning them in.

Missions[edit | hide | hide all]

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Depending on the level of the player's highest-level class, missions are unlocked at each of the mission vendors.

In addition, once the player hits level 15 on at least one class, they can accept two additional weekly missions that have to be completed within the week.

  • Even after the week passes, partly-competed missions can still be turned in for a reward, but no further progress can be made.
  • Weekly missions reset every Tuesday when Orbus does the weekly update.

Every day, each player gets five mission tokens to exchange for already-completed level missions.

  • Tokens can stack up to 25.
  • Every mission can only be accepted once per day.

Monster Slayer[edit | hide]

Darius can be found in the house near one of the city gates, and hands out missions to kill certain types of monsters in the overworld, or enemies in dungeons.

Level Missions
Level Monsters Description
3 Stafrushers The paths leading away from the gates have become infested with Stafrushers. Thin them out to ensure safe travels for Highsteppe's traveling traders.
4 Barking Stafrushers Barking Stafrushers have been seen gathering near Trader's Road. Defeat them, using cautions to avoid their Exploding Bark attack.
6 Kill monsters:
  • Volur Stafrage
  • Stafrage
  • Stafrusher
In a troubling development, the Volur Stafrage has been trying to summon monsters from the Chaos Portal on the plateau in the West of Highsteppe.
7 Rushed Stafrushers There are Rushed Stafrushers trying to break the defenses around the realm. Stop them to protect the nearby villagers. The Last Stand public event is located near the secondary Highsteppe Gate.
9 Stafrutes The Stafrutes are massive corruptions of nature; bring a weapon and cut them down to szie. They are known to gather near Highsteppe and the Flooded Rainforest.
10 Kill monsters in the Crypt Dungeon:
  • Undead: 5
  • Dungeon Troll: 5
  • Lich King: 1
The Lich King has been slowly sapping energy from the Guardian Tree and must be defeated.
11 Kill monsters in the Sewer Dungeon:
  • Sewer Rat: 6
  • Mutated Rat: 2
  • Sewer Slime: 2
Dive deeper under Highsteppe to clean out the Rats that have taken over the Sewer Dungeon.
12 Fortified Stafrutes The Fortified Stafrutes seem to be emboldened by the Essence. Defeat them to help further understand the source of their power. They have been seen near the Green Lady Temple ruins to the West of Highsteppe.
13 The Horde The Horde is forming at the mouth of the Inuinu Chasm in the Flooded Rainforest. Travel there and clean out this new threat.
14 Kill monsters:
  • Stafrusher: 10
  • Stafraster: 5
  • Sorceress: 2
Track and destroy the Sorceress near Highsteppe, along with the Stafrasters that follow her. She has been gathering her forces on the far side of the tunnel near Trader's Road.
15 Colossus Track the Stafrute called Colossus, and help eliminate a major threat to Highsteppe. They were last seen hiding near the Cut Throat Cave inside the Flooded Rainforest.
16 Tear Caster A new enemy, the Tear Caster, has been discovered. They are capable of shielding nearby allies unless stunned. Venture to the Lamavora Battlefields, near the Broken Castle public event, to find this foe.
18 Tear Wizards The Tear Wizards are powerful monsters, beware their attacks that harness the Essence power. Track them down in the Lamavora Battlefield.
19 Kill monsters:
  • General Minion: 7
  • Void Caster: 2
  • Tear General: 2
Track and destroy the Tear General, along with the soldiers that follow him. He has been seen near Vulcan's Peak in the Lamavora Battlefield.
21 Kill monsters in the Airship Dungeon:
  • Tear Wizard: 10
  • Chaos Purity: 1
  • Chaos Hunter: 1
The airship routes have been under siege by monsters teleporting abord to pirate cargo. Enter the Airship Dungeon and make sure the ship makes it to its final destination safely.
23 Pistoler Scavs Be wary of the Pistoler Scavs, with their bird shaped helms; they are some of the deadliest foes inside the Wastelands.
24 Kill monsters:
  • Bucket Scav: 7
  • Sniper Scav: 5
  • Tohmain: 2
There is a Scav that is trying to unite the different factions to mount an attack on Highsteppe! They meet deep in the Skav's Den cave in the Wastelands under heavy guard. Disrupt their preparations at all costs.
27 Kill monsters:
  • Elite Stafrusher: 4
  • Elite Stafraster: 5
  • Elite Stafrage: 4
There are far too many creatures lurking around the Realm; kill the monsters on this list anywhere in the world.
28 Bjorn Stafrute Giants have been spotted nearby. There is an overgrown tree terrorizing Green Lady Temple near Highstppe, defeat it and secure the area.
29 Scav Giant A Giant Scav has been seen walking about inside Hulthine's Basin. Mutated even further than a typical Scav, it has been terrorizing the realm. Defeat it to help bring peace.
29 Chaos Giant A new threat has been spotted, the Chaos Giant! Ensure that you bring more than just your courage to send it back to the darkness it came from. Search inside the Lamavora Battlefields for this giant.
Weekly Missions
Monsters Description
Elite Tear Minions Elite Tear Minions have come from the Realm of Chaos! Head into the Lamavora Battlefield to defeat them.
  • Elite Stafrusher: 4
  • Elite Stafraster: 5
  • Elite Stafrage: 4
There are far too many creatures lurking around the Realm; kill the monsters on this list anywhere in the world.

Salvaging[edit | hide]

→ Main Page: Whisper#Missions

Whisper manages the Salvaging shop near the Guardian Tree. She asks the player to collect herbs and ore, break down unused gear, brew potions or make money.

Critter Capture[edit | hide]

Pierre Cenn is researching the effect of the Essence on animals. He needs you to head out into the wild and catch some wild animals for him to examine.

Level Missions
Level Critters Description
3 Mice There is a mouse infestation in the underground Market area of Highsteppe. Head down the stairs and catch them. Use the horn on the Net Gun while near the markings to coax them out!
5 Finches The Parathime Finch has been seen along Trader's Road in front of Highsteppe. This bird can be identified by its sky blue color and fast speed.
7 Highsteppe critters There are markings of the critters Cenn needs captured littered on the ground outside the walls of Highsteppe and surrounding areas. Catch any critter that can be found in the area near Highsteppe.
10 Squirrels Cenn thinks the squirrels might be the key to figuring out how the Essence has turned normal animals into those mutated sticks. Catch some from the area close to Highsteppe for him to examine.
12 Finches Birds seem to be immune to the Essence; capture a few more of the Parathime Finch from the area close to Highsteppe to see what makes them tick.
14 Rainforest critters Head into the Flooded Rainforest and see what critters call it their home.
16 Lizards Now that it's known there are Obnobi Lizards living inside the Flooded Rainforest, head back and save a few before they are all eaten!
17 Lamavora critters Head into the Lamavora Battlefield to see what kind of critters are living there among the broken shields and spirits.
18 Mice The mice are running wild inside of Highsteppe town again; return behind the walls of Highsteppe and stop the infestation. It seems like the underground Marketplace has the worst infestation.
19 Skunks Inside the Lamavora Battlefield there are skunks running loose; capture them and bring them to Cenn for investigation.
20 Ducks Luckily the birds aren't affected by the Essence. Return to the Lamavoria Battlefield and catch some of the Green Crested Fowl known in the area.
21 Geese Hulthine's Basin doesn't contain any running critters, but the flying kind haven't been captured before. Get Cenn a specimen of the rarer birds there.
22 Any Cenn needs to do some general research; catch any of the critters you can, anywhere you can.
23 Mice Chef Lethrow has complained that mice are in the food stores again. Return to Highsteppe and try and stop the infestation of mice there.
24 Lizards and toads Cenn thinks there may be an Essence-resistant species of reptile or amphibian. Gather lizards and toads from anywhere around the Realm.
26 Wasteland critters Venture into the Wastelands, the location of the most severe essence mutations.
27 Hairless Skunks Reports have surfaced of the Scavs using Wasteland critters as pets... or food? Collect the newly-discovered one eyed hairless skunks that run through the Wastelands.
28 Mutated toads Return to the Wastelands to retrieve the mutated toads that are running loose; they have been seen next to the contaminated waters of the area.
29 Any Cenn's supply of specimens runs low. Go out and gather any critter you can find, anywhere you can!
Weekly Missions
Critters Description
Wasteland critters Venture into the Wastelands, as this is where the worst essence mutations have been noted. Capture critter you can find there!
Any Cenn thinks you are doing well, but his specimens are running low, go out and gather any critter you can find, anywhere you can!

Fishing[edit | hide]

With all the monsters it is dangerous outside the city walls to fish for food. Chef Lethrow asks brave adventurers to travel out to all the corners of the world and catch some fish to feed the city.

Level Missions
Level Fish Description
6 Highsteppe fish Chef Lethrow wants to put some food on the table for Highsteppe. Venture out past the walls of Highsteppe and catch some fish in the lake near the Kingsport Graveyard. It won't matter the type, just bring back enough weight to feed some hungry bellies.
9 Sunfish The Sunfish market inside of Highsteppe has really exploded, and Chef is trying to capitalize on it. Go bring Sunfish to help him out!
11 Saddled Lion Eel Venture into the Flooded Rainforest, the Saddled Lion Eel still swims within its depths.
13 Any There are more survivors showing up everyday. Catch more fish to feed them all, and they're not picky about the type. This mission is completed based on the weight of the fish.
15 Green Bellied Bass or Katyharan Catfish The Green Bellied Bass and the Katyharan Catfish market is hard to read lately. Chef is branching out to try and get ahead of the curve.
18 Clown Fish Rumors say there may be some Clown Fish swimming through the Flooded Rainforest; head there and retrieve a few!
20 Basin fish Head into Hulthine's Basin. It's a long way down the water, but see what kind of fish can be caught! This mission is completed based on the weight of the fish.
22 Large Minnow Minnows, once caught, can be used to craft lures for even rarer fish.
24 Axolotl Ever hard to please, the Chef now requests the Axolotl fish.
25 Highsteppe fish Return to Highsteppe and see what can be caught around the area. Just catch enough weight of fish to make Lethrow happy.
26 Any Chef Lethrow's record for most fish caught in a day has stood too long... perhaps an adventurer can break it? This mission is completed based on the weight of the fish.
29 Any More survivors means more fish are needed to keep them fed. The type of fish won't matter, just the weight.
Weekly Missions
Fish Description
Wasteland fish Chef Lethrow is relying on you to help put some food on the table for Highsteppe. It won't matter the type, just the weight and location. Catch the fish in the Wasteland area.
Any Head out into the Realm and catch any fish you can, anywhere you can!

Public Events[edit | hide]

To help build the community of Highsteppe City, Mayor Kaia gives out missions for players to complete Public Events together.

Level Missions
Level Event Description
9 Chaos Portal There is an abandoned Portal that was used to harvest essence before the Event happened, where it sat dormant for years. Throught lately it has been flickering on for short times, help defend the plateua near Highsteppe where the Portal is located.
11 Highsteppe events Head back towards Highsteppe and fight alongside your fellow Guardians to protect the Realm. You must complete one of the Public Events near Highsteppe to Gold standard to complete this mission.
12 Wagon Graveyard Inside the Flooded Rainforest there sits a graveyard of a different kind. The wagon graveyard is set up as an outpost of kinds to help protect the roads that are left. Venture out there and lend a hand protecting the roads.
14 Flying Fish Fishing is hard enough without the fish flying past you all the time. Catch the fish and throw them into the fisherman's boat to lend a hand, and ensure that Highsteppe has rations enough for the battles ahead.
15 Obnobi Encampment The last of the Obnobi Benouin have set up a camp along the route from the Desert, the last place any can be found. However, if the attacks keep going, there won't be any place for them to call home. Protect their camp, ensure their home.
16 Last Stand The gates are beginning to weaken at the gates near Highsteppe. Return to the fortifications and lend a hand to shore up the defenses.
17 Broken Castle Piece There is a piece of the Castle that broke off and crashed down into the Lamavora battlefield during one of Helga's daring airship attacks in the early days... before we lost so many. Venture out and take a closer look.
18 Broken Castle Piece Return to the broken piece of castle and fight alongside the others. Must be completed to Gold standard.
19 Knight's Fort There is a small collection of survivors that keep a camp in one of the Knight's old forts, and they are reporting recent attacks from the Tear minions. See if you can lend a hand and protect what little civilization is left outside the protective walls of Highsteppe.
20 Knight's Fort Return to the Knight's old fort and fight alongside the others. Must be completed to Gold standard.
21 Essence Mine The crystals inside the caves of Lamavora have a strange property - they absorb the Essence radiation around the realm We need to collect and grind mmore to keep the lights of Highsteppe on.
22 Essence Mine Return to the caves of Lamavora and harvest more essence crystals. Must be completed to Gold standard.
23 Highsteppe events Return to the area outside of Highsteppe and lend a hand where you can.
24 Rainforest events Return to the Flooded Rainforest and lend a hand where you can.
25 Hulthine's Vale There are a few ruins left standing after it all happened, though the strange ruins perched upon the shaky ground near Hulthine's Basin are still there. The Skavs have been known to worship these old ruins along with the old Gods of Chaos!
27 Scav Outpost The Skavs used to keep to themselves in the Wasteland, but have grown bolder of late. It's time to take the fight to them. Raid their outpost and stop them from planning their next attack upon the Realm.
28 Lamavora events There have been many fallen Guardians in the Lamavora Battlefields, return there and see where you can lend a hand.
29 Any events Venture throught the Realm and complete any Events to Gold Standard.
Weekly Missions
Event Description
Any Venture through the realm and complete any Public Events to gold standard.
Broken Castle Piece There are a few ruins left standing after the calamitous events of the past; through the strange ruins perched upon the shaky ground near Hulthine's Basin are still there. The Scavs have been known to worship those old ruins along with the old Gods of Chaos.

Battlegrounds[edit | hide]

→ Main Page: Marlowe the Grey#Missions

Marlowe hands out missions that require you to compete in PvP Battlegrounds, earn honor points, kill players, or capture flags.

Dragon Racing[edit | hide]

Complete dragon races and compete for the fastest time with these missions from Sicilus in the Dragon Shoppe.

Level Missions
Level Race Times Description
8 Mouse Trap Bronze: 1:15.00
Created as a maze to trick the dragons, find the correct path to claim the cheese of victory. Located right outside the gates of Highsteppe.
12 Swamp Smash Bronze: 1:25.00
Be wary of the rocks that give this course their name. Hidden inside of the Flooded Rainforest.
13 Sky High Bronze: 1:25.00
Soaring above the waterfall nearest Highsteppe, this course allows for scenic views while testing your mettle.
15 Racing Ruins Bronze: 1:15.00
Situated near the abandoned graveyard and waterfall near Highsteppe, this course features a spinning propeller that can can quite the chop.
17 Swamp Monsters Bronze: 0:45.00
Monsters of the deep will try and swallow your dragon, veer high to be save. Venture into the Flooded Rainforest to find this course.
19 Second Chance Bronze: 0:55.00
Try your dragon against a harder course, this is inside of Highsteppe at the Dragon Shop.
23 Water Slide Bronze: 0:57.00
Dive deep under the waters to find what kind of creatures lay below inside Hulthine's Basin.
24 Flying High Bronze: 1:46.00
Why should the birds be the only ones to fly so high, join them flying through the sky over Hulthine's Basin!
25 Sewer Rat Bronze: 1:05.00
Venture down into the sewers to see where all of Highsteppe's overflow is going.
26 Skav's Revenge Bronze: 1:55.00
Best not to stick around too long after completing this race in the Wastelands!
27 Water Slide Bronze: 0:54.00
Dive deep under the waters to find what kind of creatures lay below inside Hulthine's Basin.
28 Broken Halls Bronze: 0:40.00
Located in the halls under Highsteppe, this course is not for the weak of heart!
29 Sky High Bronze: 1:14.50
Sky High: Soaring above the waterfall nearest Highsteppe, this course allows for scenic views while testing your mettle.
Weekly Missions
Race Times Description

Long-Term Missions[edit | hide]

After reaching level 30, the Realm Guardian's missions can be completed. These mission take a long time to complete, and will reward the player with a lot of dram and experience points as well as special items. You can find the Realm Guardian at the tavern.

  • Like weekly missions from the other mission vendors, long-term missions can be accepted once every week (and refresh on Tuesday), but will never go inactive.
  • You can have multiples of one long-term mission in your active missions, and any progress will count towards every one of them.
  • Long-term missions can only be completed to Gold level, there is no Bronze or Silver for these.
Long Term Missions
Completion Description Reward
Kill Scav enemies:
  • Pistoler Scav: 320
  • Spiked Pistoler Scav: 340
  • Marksman Scav: 300
  • Sniper Scav: 270
  • Scav Knight: 275
  • Scav Buckler: 250
  • Assassin Scav: 265
  • Bucket Scav: 300
  • Giant Scav: 35
We've received reports that certain Scav organizations are preparing an attack on our outposts and were seen amassing weapons and piles of armor. Please keep our people safe and show the Scavs that we aren't as weak as they believe.
  • ? XP
  • 75 000 Dram
  • Scav Chest armor transmog
  • 10 Aged Empowered Strikes Potion
  • 5 Tangerine Major Dye
Kill World Bosses:
  • Bjorn Stafrute: 50
  • Chaos Giant: 45
  • Scav Giant: 40
  • Rock Giant: 35
A new threat has been discovered in Hulthine's Basin, the earth itself is shaking and coming to life before our eyes! Neutralize this mysterious enemy before it is too late, and keep the other large monsters at bay. Royal Spaulders transmog
Kill Dungeon Bosses:
  • Lich King: 50
  • Sewer Slime: 55
  • Chaos Hunter: 35
  • Gorgon: 50
  • Mist Keeper: 40
  • Scav Shaman: 45
Defeat powerful monsters in their lairs before they can regroup, and show that you're capable of defending Highsteppe like no one else! These monsters can be found in various dungeons throughout the land.
  • 88 000 XP (?)
  • 75 000 Dram
  • Royal Throne furniture
  • 10 Jet Black Major Dye
  • 10 Midnight Blue Accent Dye
  • 10 Aged Enhanced Strikes Potion
Hulthine's Basin and the Flooded Rainforst have been under warmer and warmer climates of late, which has researchers confounded. One thing's for sure though, the fish are plentiful and they're hungrier than ever! Catch a big haul, and we may feed Highsteppe for years!
  • 78 000 XP
  • 75 000 Dram
  • Abstract Fishing Rod
  • 10 Fishing Potions
  • 10 Shiny Metal
Catch legendary fish:
  • Frosted Perch: 10
  • Jelmiry: 55
  • Kylakin: ?
  • Blimp Fish: ?
  • Da Magestic Flounder: ?
  • 26 000 XP
  • 10 000 Dram
  • Aquarium Furniture
  • Wonderful Fishing Rod
  • 8 Aged Fishing Potions
  • 8 Fishing Potions
  • Events in Highsteppe: 150
  • Events in Lamavora: 150
The inhabitants of Highsteppe and Lamavora are in dire need of aid! Wildlife and monsters are constantly trying to take the land back. Assist in Public Events (requires Gold ranking) and safeguard what we've worked so hard on.
  • 110 500 XP
  • 75 000 Dram
  • Jetpack Mount
  • 5 Pure White Major Dye
  • 5 Shadow Major Dye
  • 5 Speed Potions
  • Events in Hulthine's Basin: 130
  • Events in the Rainforest: 120
  • Events in the Wastelands: 75
Defend Patreayl once more and protect what we've worked so hard to achieve! Complete Public Events in Hulthine's Basin, the Rainforest, and the Wastelands.
  • Airship mount
  • ...
  • In Hulthine's Basin: 500
  • In Lamavora: 500
Lamavora and Hulthine's Basin are bountiful regions overflowing with natural resources. Gather as many plants and ore as you can to keep the shelves of Highsteppe (and your own potions table) well-stocked.
  • 97 500 XP
  • 70 000 Dram
  • Khopesh Harvester
  • Pack Mule Potions
  • 5 Lime Major Dye
250 Rare Critters Critters of unusual size have been spotted all over Patreayl! Separate these rare critters from their packs to bring them in for additional testing and research. Pierre Cenn and his assistants are eager to uncover the reason behind their sudden appearances. Must be outside Highsteppe City.
  • 110 500 XP
  • 65 000 Dram
  • Squirrel Teleporter
  • 10 Bonus Pet Treats
  • 5 Magic Purple Accent Dyes
Compete in Battlegrounds With a new arena opened up, fighters from throughout the lands are stepping up to claim the title of the bravest and strongest adventurer! Join in and fight in the battlegrounds to hone up your skills and prove you belong amongst the best.
  • Battle Gloves
  • ...

Orbus Community Resources[edit | hide]