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Disk Mount.png
Type Other
Weight 0
Tradable no

Mounts are an item in OrbusVR that can be equipped to increase movement speed.

The movement speed while mounted can be increased with overlevel perks.


An equipped mount can be used by bringing your hands together in front of your chest, making fists, and moving your hands apart. The mount will appear below you, a wing status effect indicating the mounted status.

  • A mount can't normally be used in combat. Entering combat (attacking something or getting hit) will knock you off your mount.
  • Picking up a loot bag while mounted will remove your mounted status.

List of Mounts

The type of mount equipped is purely cosmetic, all mounts make you move at the same speed.

Always Available

Icon Name Source
Disk Mount.png Disk Mount Darius: Reputation Level 2 (500 Dram)
Plant Mount.png Plant Mount Whisper: Reputation Level 6 (6,000 Dram)
Rocket Mount.png Rocket Mount Darius: Reputation Level 8 (8,000 Dram)
Shield Mount.png Shield Mount Marlowe: Reputation Level 8 (8,000 Dram)
Tea Cup Mount.png Tea Cup Mount Odds and Ends (50,000 Dram)
Dragon Head Mount.png Dragon Head Mount Odds and Ends (500,000 Dram)
Dram Mount.png Dram Mount Odds and Ends (1,000,000 Dram)
Skater Mount.png Skater Mount Grinding Device
Arcane Mount.png Arcane Mount Grinding Device
Carpet Mount.png Carpet Mount Trickster Goblin Shop
Skull Mount.png Skull Mount Guild City Raid (Hard): Valusia Warrior
Citadel Mount.png Citadel Mount Citadel Raid (Hard): Brynjua
Orb Mount.png Orb Mount Tinkering (not tradable)
Geared Mount.png Geared Mount Tinkering (tradable)
Hang Glider Mount.png Hang Glider Mount Treasure Chest (Main Overworld)
Jet Pack Mount.png Jet Pack Mount Long-Term Mission
Horse Mount.png Horse Mount Missing Persons Quest
Luxury Mount.png Luxury Mount Hulthine's Basin: Port Leisha
Mining Cart Mount.png Mining Cart Mount
Airship Mount.png Airship Mount Long-Term Mission
Acorn Mount.png Acorn Mount Secrets of Mugwood DLC
Mushroom Chair Mount.png Mushroom Chair Mount Secrets of Mugwood DLC
Spider Mount.png Spider Mount Secrets of Mugwood DLC
Nimbus Cloud Mount.png Nimbus Cloud Mount Cosmetics Shop
Storm Cloud Mount.png Storm Cloud Mount Cosmetics Shop
Steam Punk Mount.png Steam Punk Mount Cosmetics Shop
Cauldron Mount.png Cauldron Mount Cosmetics Shop
Boot Mount.png Boot Mount Cosmetics Shop

Seasonal and Unavailable

Icon Name Source
Explore The Realm Mount.png Explore The Realm Mount Explore The Realm Event 2020
Spring Festival Mount.png Spring Festival Mount Spring Festival 2020/2021/2022
Coffin Mount.png Coffin Mount Fall Festival 2020
Snow Shoes Mount.png Snow Shoes Mount Winter Festival 2020/2022
Surfer Mount.png Surfer Mount Summer Festival 2021
Broom Mount.png Broom Mount Fall Festival 2021/2022
Elf Shoe Mount.png Elf Shoe Mount Winter Festival 2021

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