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Type Support
Armor Leather
Weapon Musket
Equipment Orbs

The Musketeer is a support class that can heal allies and apply debuffs to enemies by shooting them with special orbs.

Weapon Interface


Normal and Charged Shots

A Musketeer can fire the gun by just aiming and pulling the trigger. It will fire a basic bullet with no secondary effects. A shot can be charged by holding the trigger (indicated by the muzzle glowing purple), which does not do any additional damage, but acts as the Musketeer's interrupt, and increases the range of the orbs when using the Charged Orb talent.


A musketeer can equip up to four Orbs to their weapon, which will slowly rotate around the barrel. An exception is the Lifewell Orb, which is permanently equipped and placed in front of the Musketeer's chest.

To apply an Orb's effect to a shot, a Musketeer has to place it in the muzzle of their musket. Wherever the shot impacts, the Orb will explode and apply its effect on nearby allies or enemies in a small radius. You can shoot the ground below you to apply beneficial orb effects to yourself.

Icon Name Effect
Renew Provides a heal over time (HoT) effect for a moderate period of time.
Cure Wounds Provides a large heal immediately.
Lifewell Places an area of effect on the ground where it strikes that provides HoT healing to the players standing inside.
Shooting the Lifewell Orb at the Turret will revive a nearby ally (see section Turret).
Shield Place a shield on your allies that absorbs a moderate amount of damage.
Decurse Removes a negative status effect (like poison). This can also remove a status effect you or one of your allies placed on an enemy.
Poison An offensive orb that places a poison effect on your enemies.
Impact An offensive orb that does a small amount of damage and slows targets.
Gravity An offensive orb which creates a gravity well where it strikes, pulling in nearby monsters, slowing them and briefly stunning them.
This orb acts as the Musketeer's interrupt, and charging this orb will cause it to interrupt twice.
Weakness Applies a weakness debuff to enemies for a short amount of time, which increases damage dealt to them.
The Musketeer's damage is increased by 20% and their Poison Orb's damage by 50%, while allies deal 5% more damage to those enemies.
This effect does not stack, new debuffs will override old ones (even if you have more than one Musketeer in the group).

Bouncing Orbs

The level 20 talent Charged Orb extends an orb's range dramatically if it was charged (by pressing the trigger until the muzzle of the musket glows pink) and it hits an enemy or any Musketeer's turret. Shooting a charged orb at an enemy is called "bouncing", and is used a lot to apply debuffs to a large group of enemies or give healing effects the whole party at once.

There are a few things to take note of:

  • If you try to bounce on your turret, make sure that it is not directly on the floor, as this can cause your shot to hit the floor instead and won't give the orb the extended range.
  • Bouncing your Cure Wounds generates a lot of healing aggro and may cause you to pull the enemies from the tank.
  • Decurse does not only decurse players, but also enemies in range.


Left: Heal mode; Right: Damage Mode

In addition to the Orbs and the musket, a Musketeer has a Turret on their chest, which can be thrown in the air and will either automatically damage enemies or heal allies until it despawns after 60 seconds and reappear on your chest. Once the turret is thrown, a ghostlike version of it stays where it normally sits. Grabbing this ghost turret and throwing it will move the turret (but will not refresh its expiration timer).

  • The turret mode can be switched by holding the turret and pressing the trigger button before throwing it. The turret will only switch modes if it is on your chest - if you threw it out earlier and it hasn't respawned on your chest yet, it will stay in the same mode until it despawns or breaks.
  • The turret is able to block ranged attacks from enemies and allies alike. Place it in front of you to keep yourself shielded from projectile attacks, but keep it out of the way of your Mages, Shamans, Rangers and Scoundrels. If the turret takes too much damage from enemy attacks, it will break and respawn at your chest after a few seconds.

Shooting the Turret

Shooting the Turret with Orbs will apply the Orb's effect to players/enemies nearby like normal, and will have additional effects on the turret depending on the Orb. There can only be up to two effects on the turret at the same time (for example: Cure + Renew), and they will last until the turret disappears.

Left: Revive available; Right: On cooldown
Orb Effect
Cure Wounds Amplifies the Turret's healing.
Renew The Turret will apply a weaker Renew buff to an ally every time it heals them.
If placed on a damage turret, the turret will start to apply the Renew HoT to allies.
Poison The Turret will apply a weaker Poison debuff to an enemy every time it damages them.
If placed on a healing turret, the turret will start to apply the Poison DoT to enemies.
Lifewell Revives a nearby player (even during combat). Requires a Runemage Reagent in the Musketeer's inventory.
This ability has a cooldown of 20 minutes. If the revive is available, the Lifewell Orb will have a star effect on it.
Shield Increases the range of the orb, but the Turret will break. It will respawn at the Musketeer's chest after a while.
  • The turret will also break if hit by a normal charged shot without any orb.
  • Hitting another Musketeer's turret with a charged shot or Weakness, Decurse, Shield, Impact or Gravity orb will not break it.

Super Ability

The Musketeer's Super ability makes the Musketeer's orbs regenerate at a much higher rate for a short period of time. In addition, any orbs which were not available at the time the Super is activated will regenerate instantly.

Super energy is generated by shooting orbs (not necessarily hitting anything).


Level Support Musketeer Damage Musketeer
5 Improved Renew: Your Renew orb's effect lasts for an additional 2 seconds. Improved Poison: Your Poison Orb's effect lasts for an additional 2 seconds.
10 Improved Lifewell: The radius and duration of your Lifewell is increased by 20%. Speedy: When your Turret expires, all allies within 20 meters gain a 100% speed boost for 40 seconds.
15 Curative Shield: Your Shield Orb now does a small amount of healing immediately. Explosive Shield: Your Shield Orb will now explode, dealing a small amount of damage to enemies within 4 meters.
20 Beacon of Light: Whenever you heal an ally with Cure Wounds, your nearby allies with Renew active gain 25% of the healing done. Charged Orb: Hitting an enemy with an orb fired from a charged shot will increase ist range to 20m.
30 All for One: Players standing in your Lifewell have their Cure Wounds healing increased by 50%. One for All: Holding your turret for 2 seconds before deploying will supercharge it, double its attack/healing and increase its range by 5m at the expense of half the musketeer's health. Charging the turret at less than half health will kill the Musketeer.

Healing Aggro

Every type of healing done (even potential healing, if the target is already at full health) generates aggro on all enemies you are in combat with. Healing too much or overhealing full-health party members can generate so much healing aggro that a Musketeer can pull from the tank. This can be done intentionally to act as a tank in lower-difficulty dungeons or to hold an enemy to take pressure off of the main tank in higher-level content ("Musky-tanking"), but can also happen unintentionally, which can turn a smooth fight into a bad situation very quickly.

If you keep pulling healing aggro unintentionally, do the following:

  • Save your Cure Wounds orb for emergency situations, and try to not bounce it on enemies - if your tank or a teammate needs a large heal, shoot them directly.
  • Make sure you don't place your Lifewell below the entire party.
  • Do not use a weapon with the First Strike weapon affix.
  • Instead of overhealing everyone constantly by bouncing your Renew on your turret or on enemies, shoot players that needs healing directly with your orbs, or shoot at the ground below them.
  • Not choosing a level 15 talent removes the healing effect from your Shield orb. You can then bounce Shield on the entire party without having to worry about overhealing.

To keep the enemies on you while acting as a tank:

  • Bounce your Cure Wounds orb while having as many party members in range as possible. Use it as soon as it is off cooldown, but if you feel like you will be in danger of dying, save it until you are low before you bounce it.
  • Use your other AoE heals (bounce Renew, bounce Shield) on as many party members at once as possible, as often as possible.

End-Game Builds

→ Main Page: Musketeer/Tilesets

Support Musketeer

The support build of the Musketeer is great at healing an entire dungeon party or raid party, and is considered more versatile and has quicker respond times than the support build of the Bard. What this build dishes out in healing ability, it lacks in damage potential.


  • Improved Renew: Your Renew Orb is one of the most important orbs, as it applies constant healing.
  • Improved Lifewell: A larger Lifewell is always nice. The speed boost from the Speedy talent is not that useful, because on most bosses movement speed is not necessary, and is too hard to time correctly to save a situation where things start to go wrong.
  • Curative Shield: You are a healer, you don't care about doing damage.
  • Charged Orb: The most important talent, it increases the range of your orbs to 20 meters. You can easily reach the whole party with an orb bounced off an enemy rather than having to heal each team member individually.
  • One for All: The doubled healing of the turret is amazing. A normal Lifewell on its own heals a lot and already makes it easy enough for the tank to survive that extra Cure Wounds healing is not needed in most cases.


  • Renew: Bounce off cooldown to do constant healing for the whole party.
  • Shield: Bounce off cooldown to help mitigate damage.
  • Cure Wounds: Shoot your turret with it to increase its healing, and then save it for when the tank is low on health. Be careful when bouncing Cure with a lot of people in range, as the large amount of healing on every player generates a lot of aggro.
  • Weakness: Shoot or bounce off cooldown. Switch for Decurse for groups with enemies that apply DoTs.

Damage Musketeer

This build is used for solo overworld combat or PvP.


  • Improved Poison: You are focused on doing damage - this will help.
  • Speedy: You don't need an expanded lifewell when you're the only one affected by it.
  • Either: Choose "Curative Shield" if you are fighting difficult mobs. Choose "Explosive Shield" if you are farming weak mobs.
  • Beacon of Light: You won't be charging healing orbs since you don't need expanded radius when you are alone. All mobs will be near each other anyway for the damage orbs.
  • One for All: Doubling your turret's damage (or healing) is amazing.


  • Poison Orb
  • Weakness Orb

Gear Enhancements


  • Crit Damage
  • Crit Chance


  • Unbending (this is the only weapon affix you will really want as a Musketeer).

The following two weapon affixes can give small or situational advantages while healing:

  • First Strike (Good for Musky tanking as it will give you extra aggro, because your heals will always crit on full-health allies. Doesn't increase actual healing.)
  • Charged Strikes (every 10th attack will be a guaranteed critical strike. This can also increase the healing of your renew ticks. However, if you have crit chance on your rings and armour pieces, even with full crit damage on all armour pieces and an empowered ring, this will only amount to a 1,16% increase of your renew healing assuming you only have a renew active on the tank and on yourself. If you have more renews active, the healing increase is lower still.)


  • Empowered
  • Elite Protector

Tips and Tricks

  • The Turret can block projectiles from enemies and players alike. Place it in front of you to keep yourself shielded from enemy attacks, but keep it out if the way of your Mages, Rangers and Scoundrels.
  • Be careful when bouncing your Cure Wounds orb, as it will heal a for a large amount on all players in range and can generate enough healing aggro to pull from the tank.
  • A Musketeer can be a tank on monster groups in lower difficulty dungeons. By overhealing by bouncing charged Cure Wounds orbs on enemies, they are able to keep the enemies focused on them because of healing aggro. This way, four players can play damage classes while not sacrificing heals.
  • Applying the Renew buff to your turret is not always a good idea. The weaker Renew buff applied by the turret will overwrite the stronger initial Renew buff from the orb, and can result in a net loss of healing. Only use this if there is nothing else to bounce your Renew on in range.
  • Decurse can remove a debuff like Poison or Affliction from enemies too. If there's only one person that needs a Decurse, try to hit them directly. If there's multiple people, just bounce, keeping them alive is more important than the debuffs on the enemies.


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