Net Gun

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Net Gun
Net Gun 2.png
Type Tool
Weight 0
Tradable no

The Net Gun is a tool needed for the Critter Capture minigame.


→ Main Page: Critter Capture

Find a critter node on the ground anywhere in the overworld, and blow into the horn attached to the gun to scare out the critters that hide nearby, then use the net gun to shoot nets at them.


Different cosmetic variants of the net gun are available from Pierre Cenn and as quest rewards. The more expensive ones do not have any gameplay advantages over the most basic one.

Icon Name Source
Net Gun.png Net Gun
  • Pierre Cenn
Net Gun 2.png Net Gun 2
  • Pierre Cenn
Net Gun 3.png Net Gun 3
  • Pierre Cenn
Crocnator Net Gun.png Crocnator
  • Quest: Citadel Raid

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