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Description[edit | hide | hide all]

"NeverDawn is set to be a VR MMORPG set in a Fantasy/ Medieval inspired by SAO. We want it to be not only a PvE game but an area where you can make friends work together and be able to create and live your own epic adventure or share one with the community". ~ Sewo (Dev)

Stage of Development[edit | hide]

This VR MMO is at the prototype stage.

Pre Pre Preeeeeee Alpha[edit | hide]

You can have fun playing the NeverDawn Pre-Alpha Prototypes, all the Dev asks is that you give feedback so he can make you the best game possible!

NeverDawn Feedback & Suggestions

Quick Links[edit | hide]

Prototype Overworld Download
Prototype Snowman Raid Download

Classes[edit | hide]

Baguette Knight
Sword Master
Spear Master

NeverDawn Community Resources[edit | hide]

NeverDawn VR Website

Official NeverDawn Discord

Travellers Hall Discord