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Alchemy is a crafting system in OrbusVR and is used to craft potions and ingredients for tinkering and artificing from harvestables and fish.

Some Salvaging missions require the player to craft potions.


Temperatures and corresponding colors.

The cauldron on the first floor of the Player House is your crafting station. You can craft every recipe from the beginning, without having to pick up the corresponding scroll.

By placing your ingredients (plants, mushrooms, ore and fish) in the chest next to it, they will appear on the table.

After placing the first ingredients in the cauldron, it begins to slowly heat up, indicated by a bubbling sound effect and the liquid in it changing color. The ingredients have to be added in a strict order, and at the right temperature, as noted in the recipes. After ingredients are added, the liquid's color returns back to dark blue, and then slowly heats up again.

To finish the potion, dip the empty bottle in the cauldron. Making mistakes or adding ingredients in a way that doesn't correspond to any recipe will result in a Ruined Potion.


  • After the cauldron heats up to Scalding (red), it will not cool down until you add an ingredient. If you miss the correct temperature, you can't recover.
  • If you take too long to add the ingredients and the cauldron cools down before you finished a step, you also can't recover. Even if you wait until the pot is at the correct temperature again, it will still result in a Ruined Potion.

Craftable Items

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