Dye Recipes

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Some Dyes can be brewed in the cauldron in the player house.

For brewing instructions, see alchemy.

Dye Recipes[edit | hide | hide all]

Name Icon Recipe
Terracotta Major Dye TerracottaPrim.png
1 Dye 
Blue 2 King's Sweetie Apple
2 Coconut Milk
Green 1 Saddled Lion Eel
1 Kathyharan Catfish
Yellow 2 Grathorp
Red Finish
Orange Accent Dye OrangeAcc.png
1 Dye 
Blue 2 Jocud Osheoth
Turquoise 2 Cloak Fish
Red 1 Chytrilealtro
1 Cryejil
Yellow 2 Weeping Krodo
Red Finish
Toffee Major Dye ToffeePrim.png
1 Dye 
Blue 2 Blade Cactus
Yellow 3 Sunfish
Green 2 Knight's Tear
Yellow Finish
Seafoam Major Dye SeafoamPrim.png
1 Dye 
Blue 1 Plains Helm Spore
2 Blue Moon Spore
Turquoise 2 Axolotl
1 Sunfish
Green 2 Cryejil
2 Pinecone
Yellow Finish
Navy Blue Major Dye NavyPrim.png
1 Dye 
Blue 3 Rotospore
Red 3 Blue Moon Spore
Yellow 2 Obsidian
Blue Finish
  • Navy Blue Major Dye can also be acquired from Reward Caches.

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