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Menus[edit | hide | hide all]

When you first open up your menu you will see (the below) 8 options.

A Single Person[edit | hide]

The Bag[edit | hide]

When clicked, this will show you both the contents of your bag and your character sheet.

  • Above your character sheet you will find the options: Equipment, Talents, Missions, & Achievements.

The 3 People Together[edit | hide]

This will show you the available activities & shards.

The Envelope[edit | hide]

This will show you your in-game personal messages.

  • You can only message people who are already on your friends list.

The Gear[edit | hide]

This is where you can set your various game settings.

The i[edit | hide]

This will give you access to the in-game help guides.

The Piggy Bank[edit | hide]

This is the in-game cash shop (where you can purchase transmogs & DLC's).

The X[edit | hide]

This closes your menu.

Orbus Community Resources[edit | hide]


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